90 Day Fiancé: Everything about Liz's abusive ex husband

 Two years ago, 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’s Liz Woods dropped a bombshell as she posted explosive pictures to her Instagram revealing bruising and a black eye and pointing the finger right at her second ex-husband, Saied Camacho. Liz accused her ex husband of physical abuse and she called him out for his actions with her as she finally opened up and shared pictures of injuries she incurred allegedly at his hands.

Liz uploaded horrifying images of herself with black eyes and injuries, claiming they were given to her by her ex-husband Saied. She chastised Saied for attempting to claim his "10 minutes of fame" after recently going out about her relationship with Big Ed Brown, and promised to give it to him by publicizing what he did. She went on to explain that she will not comment further on the restraining order because she just wanted to expose the abuse. She accused Saied's sister of stalking her at work and claimed to have video evidence. She also accused and blamed his family for trying to cover up the domestic violence that she suffered from.

The photo above is one of the stories that Liz shared to expose her ex who was on Instagram under the username of @macho. camacho1789. The ex got a lot of hate because of Liz's post and he ended up deactivating his Instagram account and opening a new one under a different username to stay hidden from the 90 day fiancé community who were out there to get him and to call him out for his actions with Liz.

Liz Woods nowadays is all about empowerment and being independent which was one of the main reasons of why she and her current boyfriend big Ed were having an argument during 90 day fiancé happily ever after season 7. The viewers don't believe that she's independent instead they are calling her needy, codependent and a bad mom with a very low self esteem. She basically left a physically abusive relationship to be in a mentally abusive one.

On January 27, little Ed posted on his Instagram @thisisbiged a photo which proves that he and Liz are still together. He wrote in the post caption:" Enjoying some R&R..:)! @e_92_marie". The couple looked happy in the picture which was taken in what appeared to be a hotel room. During the same day, he also shared an Instagram Reel of him and Liz together again. “Baby, so if I promise to dress up ’cause you look really hot, will you take me to dinner? I mean, I’ll take you to dinner,” Ed said in the clip as Liz stood behind him with her hands on his shoulders.

These two posts went viral on Instagram and were reposted by many 90 day fiancé fan pages. They also made the fans so furious and many of them were calling Liz out in the comments' section calling her a "lost cause" or saying things like:" you deserve what you get since you keep coming back to Big Ed so don't start whining later about the abuse.".

Apparently, Liz has a type, the abusive type of men who will never change. No one is happy about her coming back to big Ed again, and most of the fans don't want to see him in any other future 90 day fiancé spinoffs. The producers of the show are not listening to the people's demand and will probably keep casting him again and again as long as he stays relevant.