90 day fiancé: Chuck reveals his new girlfriend after being ghosted on HEA

 Chuck Potthast, widely known as Elizabeth 'Libby' Potthast's father on 90 Day Fiancé, updated the viewers last year about his personal life on 90 Day Diaries. He's finally ready to start looking for love again after a traumatic divorce, a fight with cancer, and getting healthier. Chuck who's age is allegedly 63, is back to the dating scene again and recently shared on Instagram a set of pictures of him with a very beautiful lady which made his followers go crazy in the comments section.

Chuck mentioned in the April 25 edition of 90 Day Diaries that his desire to get healthier came from a huge life changing experience. "I was diagnosed with cancer in 2016," he said. "This type of cancer, bladder cancer, can be treated in a variety of methods. You can get rid of the bladder but chemotherapy can also be used to save the bladder. Mine was beyond repair. That point had passed.".

"So I have an ostomy bag into which my pee goes," the father of seven explains. And it will remain like way for the rest of my life." Jenn Potthast, Chuck's daughter, discusses how her father's sickness affected her. "Seeing my father go through what he went through with his disease was incredibly upsetting," she recalls. The 60 year old patriarch is cancer free now and looking forward to the rest of his life. "But I'm at a stage in my life now where things have turned around," he remarked.

Chuck said during the 90 Day Diaries episode that he is ready to start seeking for love again. He's going to become fit and reenter the dating scene. His exact words were:" You know, I've had a pretty tough couple of years, you know, creating this business and dealing with my family and all that I went through.". He admitted that it's just felt like it's time for him now to focus on his personal life, to relax and have some fun. And he's in a position in his life where he wants to have company. Jenn explained that her father is definitely overdue to get out into the dating world, look great, have fun, and live his life.

The beautiful lady in the pictures is so close to Chuck and is in the same line of work as he. The fans in the comments section were so convinced that's she's his girlfriend, but Chuck kept saying that's she's just his "realtor" but no one is buying it. One fan left this comment:" That’s looks like more than just your realtor!" while another added:" Good for you if this is your potential girlfriend. But just remember there are some people that like fame and their 30 seconds on TV. Maybe you should warn her about your family like Charlie and his wife.".

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans wish to see Chuck in the upcoming 90 Day: The Single Life Season 4. If that won't happen, then his fans are relieved to see Chuck lives his best life according to his rules and be healthy, happy, and thriving. You can follow Chuck official Instagram page @chuckpotthast to keep it up with him.