90 day fiancé: Yara's answer to haters calling her a gold digger

 On Thursday the 16th, ninety Day Fiancé star Yara shared a couple of Instagram stories answering her fans' questions. She promised that this Christmas, she will spoil her husband Jovi to prove to her haters that she's not a gold digger who married Jovi for his money and nothing else. She also addressed the subject of online bullying and how she's dealing with it.

Before being introduced to the 90 day fiancé franchise, Yara Zaya was a totally different person in her looks and also in her character. In the last 3 years, she had a nose job, dyed her hair fully blond and had a few fillers here and there to finally look like the Yara who's everyone knows now. She was also in a couple of Ukrainian reality shows, in which a camera crew was following and filming the journeys of young females from Ukraine who were looking for a rich foreign husband to marry and start a new life outside of their country. One of Yara's memorable quotes from the reality show was "I love rich men". Many of the viewers saw photos and clips with subtitles of these old Ukrainian shows which made them confirm their theory that Yara is just another gold digger and Jovi is the foreign rich man.

Yara and Jovi first appeared on ninety days Day Fiancé season 8 back in 2020, when Yara came to New Orleans, Louisiana from Ukraine on a 90 day fiancé k-1 visa to get married to Jovi. The American fiancé wasn't sure if he wanted to get married to her because she was constantly whining and criticizing his habits. However, her accidental pregnancy during the 90 days put a pressure on him to do the right thing as he didn't want to be far from his future baby and they eventually got married and Yara stayed with him in the US. The couple afterwards returned for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After season 6, where they were trying to adjust to their new life together as  new parents after welcoming their daughter Mylah. Also, The couple are currently part of Happily Ever After  season 7, in which they went to a trip to Europe planned by Yara, who wanted to see her mom and her Ukrainian friends and allegedly provide help to her people who managed to escape the war.

No matter what Yara's does, she is still getting hate from the 90 day fiancé community who are calling her out for lying about the real reason she went to Europe. Many viewers are still wondering how she's helping her people by trying to buy an apartment secretly from her husband, and by taking her one Ukrainian friend to a family trip to a luxury spa in Germany after buying her just one coat. It would be better if she just was honest and told that she missed her mom and wanted to check on her friend and that will be it. 

To answer the fans who are calling her a gold digger, Yara Zaya posted a 1 minute video in her Instagram story to answer a question asked by one of her many Instagram followers saying: "Do you not get fed up of being accused of being with Jovi for his money? please put people straight."

Her honest answer was: "Honestly was sick of it, I think I'm still I'm not going to lie. Because especially when you work so hard and somebody is like you are just a gold digger, you are living off Jovi's money. Like I don't know why these people think that Jovi is a sugar daddy or that he's so rich. He got a good job but and makes good money, but I'm not going to lie for traveling and all the time buying the good stuff, two people need to work. You know? At least in our situation, I guess."

She continued by saying that this name calling could be because of the way she looks that people see her this way or maybe they want to see her this way as a lazy gold digger who doesn't work just to continue trash talking her online to feel better about themselves. With confidence, the Ukrainian also said that she doesn't care about peoples' opinions, and that her mother in law misses Gwen told her that she shouldn't care about what people think of you, we know you and love you as you are and that's the most important.

Despite the accusations and the drama about Yara wanting to stay in Europe, many of the fans still believe that Yara and Jovi marriage is still solid and that the couple will work things out eventually.