90 day fiancé: Yara expresses her true feelings about being in America

 Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren have made the viewers arguing online about who's right and who's wrong. From one side, there is Jovi, who is a good husband, father and the main provider for his family and who deserves to go back to his home in the States after working hard abroad for a month and sometimes for longer to find his wife and daughter waiting for him there. In the other hand, his wife Yara, who didn't see her mom and friends for over 2 years, also deserves to have a balanced life and to be happy. She can't just wait for him in a new country she just moved to and stay alone at home taking care of her daughter while being isolated from all of her family and everyone she ever knew back in Ukraine and Europe.

The 27 year old Ukrainian star never liked her life in New Orleans, Louisiana. She calls it "the swamp", and she said that she's been so miserable, since she came to the United States even if she appreciates the new life that she started with Jovi and the birth of their baby girl Mylah. As a city girl from Europe, she's not satisfied with the lifestyle that New Orleans has to offer, or at least that's what she was saying during the 90 day fiancé shows that she was a part of. As far as we know, this could be all scripted to create a storyline from nothing about Yara not fitting in after moving to the States.

In happily ever after episode 17, Jovi finally started to realize that despite his big love for his wife, both of them  have different life goals at the moment, which can hurt their marriage in the long run and makes them grow apart. From the look of it, 90 Day Fiancé duo Yara and Jovi are staying together for their daughter Mylah. Nevertheless, this last trip to the Czech Republic and Germany to visit Yara's family after a lengthy separation caused some serious issues between the two. Yara received extreme pressure from her mother and best friend Karina, who are asking her to stay Europe since Jovi has to travel for work anyway. However, Jovi and his friend were against Yara and Mylah remaining in Europe while he's away at work. Many in the 90 Day Fiancé community are sympathizing with both, but how would they feel after hearing Yara speaking her piece and  expressing her love for the United States?

Just this Sunday and while wrapping her Christmas gifts, Yara posted a video Instagram story in which she expressed her love for the United States and how much she appreciates her new life and all of the opportunities that she got since she moved there. She said:" I want to make an official announcement from heart because so many get upset by the way which I say things sometimes, and I want to say one thing, don't get upset! I like America ok! I like this country with the minors and plus, I like this country and I'm very grateful for everything here. ". She continued her appreciation speech by saying that this country gave her a husband, and she gave birth to her daughter in one of the best hospitals in the world.

At the end of the video, she thanks America for giving her the opportunity to work, open her own business and earn good money to buy gifts for her family and she ended by asking her fans to stop being upset about things she says during the show.

Overall, many Happily Ever After viewers don't take everything they see on a 90 day fiancé show with a grain of salt. Even with a lot of scripted storylines, the show is still entertaining and has a huge worldwide fandom who will always support the show and watch all new seasons.