90 day fiancé: Yara destroys Jovi's car

 Ninety Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Superstar Yara Zaya's trip to Europe wasn't so helpful to the Ukrainian people whom she was supposed to aid during her stay there. She even said it herself that they were almost done with their trip and they didn't really help anyone yet. The Fans are tired of her constant whining and lack of appreciation for everything that Jovi's has done for her so far, and they are calling her out for lying about the main reasons of her Europe trip, which are clearly for personal reasons like seeing her mom and close friends whom she missed so much after being far from them for almost 3 years and also to leave Louisiana for a while because she hate it there.

Jovi in the other hand is still the same Jovi. It's a hard to remember an episode in which he wasn't having a drink, doesn't matter if it was day or night for him it's always 5 o'clock somewhere. In the last couple of years, he was still trying to adjust to being a husband and a dad and since he went on a trip with Yara to Europe, he has suddenly become insecure and now has this idea that having a second baby will bring him closer to his spouse Yara Zaya with whom he seems to slowly lose connection.

Last Saturday, Yara posted a video on her Tiktok @yarazaya1 called: " when I tell my husband I put Diesel in our gasoline tank". It's a hilarious 2 minute video, of her prank calling her husband, telling him that she filled the gas tank of his expensive car with the wrong oil, while she records his reaction to the situation.

After she parked Jovi's car, she called him to ask a question about if she has filled the car's gas tank with the right gas or not and she said: "Hey, I'm calling you now, I have a question for you, so I was in the petrol station today and that black thing, black handle or whatever you call it, was like clothes covered on some plastic stuff, so I used the green one but the car kind of of sound weird right now". As soon as Jovi heard that, he lost his mind, and started F bombing left and right, and asked her to stop and leave the car immediately and to call an Uber to go where ever she needs to go or else she will ruin his car for good.

To trigger him even further, Yara told Jovi that she can't leave the car, she needs to pick up their daughter Mylah and No Uber will come to where she is right now and then she suddenly hung up on him without even saying goodbye. Angry Jovi called her again, talking in a very concerned and serious voice, asking her to stop and leave the car again, but this time Yara asked him to relax, and told him that she joking and his car is fine. Jovi then felt so relieved and called her silly.

While Natalie's mom was spotted by a fan in Los Angeles, we believe that Yara's mom is still living in the Czech Republic and has no plan to move to the United States what so ever. She may come on a tourist visa in the future, just to see the new life that her daughter has built with Jovi in the states.