90 day fiancé: This is what Natalie is up to after the tell all part 3

 90 Day The Single Life Ukrainian star Natalie was having a hard time choosing between Mike and Josh during the 3 Tell All episodes. After speaking with with Josh for almost a year, going out with him for a few dates and even meeting his ex wife and his kids, the 40 years old man still won't commit to her. However, he keeps appearing in the 90 day fiancé the single life as her potential new boyfriend. The fans think that he's just using her for fame and to put his modeling agency out there.

For a while, Natalie Mordovtseva has two handsome good men in her life, and the 90 day fiancé community started to think that she is a user who's taking advantage of both of them. While trying to date Josh helps her to stay on the show, getting paid by TLC, go on expensive dates and ride super cars, keeping her "ex" husband around also has its benefits like asking him for money whenever she's broke. While looking for a person to settle down with, Natalie met few good looking men, but none of them was serious enough to date her seriously and give her a baby. Everyone she meets is just looking for hooking up without commitment, while Natalie was asking for a serious relationship on the second date.

She said that dating in Ukraine is much easier than in the US. Both men and women get serious with each other since the first date, and they don't play games and drag people along for nothing which was the thing that frustrated her the most since she ran away from Sequim Washington and started her dating journey.

During the tell all episodes Natalie appeared to be torn between Josh and Mike, the viewers were asking on Social media why these two men are just sitting there and waiting around for her decision, she's not that big of a catch. Some think that both men have an agenda and they are not in the tell all for their love for Natalie. While Josh is just a clout chaser, it appears that Mike Youngquist is only there to collect the paycheck, which he spent some of it already to go on a trip to Mexico based on his recent Instagram posts.  Natalie admitted that she will not divorce Mike for Josh or anyone, as she believes that she's alone in the USA and no one will be waiting for her after Mike who appears to be the rock in her life.

Even if Natalie showed more affection toward her husband than to Josh in the tell all, her story with Josh is not over yet as a fan has spotted her with Josh with the TLC production crew probably filming for the single life season 4. Maybe Josh will eventually take her seriously as a girlfriend and Natalie can finally get a rich man who will take care of her financially and give her a child. After Tania and Syngin got their closure at the end of tell all part 3, we believe that season 4 will have her closure for Natalie with either Mike or Josh.