90 day fiancé: Reality TV Superstar Angela Deem is begging her fans for money

 Reality TV superstar Angela Deem's weight loss helped her to gain her confidence back to the point that she started to flirt with several men behind her Nigerian Husband's back. Until she had to face her mistakes on 90 day fiancé happily ever after season 7 and she eventually apologized to Michael for all the bad things that she ever did to him. The 56 year old was never the fans' favorite, most of the viewers want her to be fired from the show because of the way she treats her husband on tv. When it comes to reality shows, all publicity is good publicity because her haters are making her more famous with every daily post and comments they post about her on social media, which is why TLC will keep bringing her back to be part of new 90 day fiancé spinoffs as long as people continue to talk about her.

During the last Sunday episode, Michael Ilesanmi and his wife were so close to end their marriage, except that this time, it was Michael who was threatening to leave and not Angela which is something we never saw before in this marriage which was always dominated by The 56 years old Georgia native. The main reason of their fight this time was not The Nigerian shady behavior, instead it was Angela having a crush on a Canadian handsome man named Billy, who she met online on Tiktok and her wanting to fly to him, stay in his house and take care of him because he's sick and needs a kidney transplant and this was all against her husband's will. Michael's ultimatum has worked, he told his wife to choose between their marriage or Billy and the American decided that her husband and their future together is the most important for her.

Now every cast member on 90 day fiancé is supposedly getting between 1000 to 1500 US dollars per episode. While the most popular and controversial ones who are re-cast to be on new spinoffs are making between 2000 to 5000 us dollars per episode, which is not bad at all since every season has between 12 and 20 episodes including the tell all. Beside that, most of the cast members are making extra money from brand deals and paid sponsorships thanks to their huge number of followers on social media platforms like Instagram which they gained after being on any of the 90 day fiancé reality tv shows. Also, let's not forget that most of them have cameo accounts on which they receive a lot of paid orders from the 90 day fiancé community who loves to buy customized videos from their favorite cast members.

All of this money talk and these opportunities and still many of the cast members are broke and still struggle even to pay their daily bills. Mostly because they are just bad with money, or because they spend a lot of money on surgeries and on buying expensive things that they can't afford. Many of them consider themselves as celebrities now so they started to spend as such which is not sustainable, especially if you are a D list celebrity. Angela recently has posted on her Tiktok and Instagram something like a gofundme, asking her fans to send her money via PayPal, so she can pay for the vet Bill of her sick dog. The amount she's asking for is 6000 us dollars, which made her fans surprised because she's been having many major plastic surgeries to improve her body, face and teeth.

She was also spotted partying a lot of times in many expensive nightclubs and seeing her now begging for money to pay her bills feels just wrong. Of course, we hope that she will get the money to save her dog, however, she needs to set her priorities straight. She can't just be selfish, spend thousands of dollars on herself and end up with nothing that she can't even handle something like a vet bill and then expecting her fans to send her their hard earned money just because she's famous.

Some in the 90 day fiancé community are spreading some rumors around on social media that Angela Deem is maybe an addict who's consuming illegal drugs. If that's true, then that could explain where most of her money is going. If not, then she really needs to start handling her finances better because having pets in the United States is not cheap and cost a lot of money, especially in critical cases when they need a surgery performed by the vet.