90 day fiancé: Mike's new girlfriend is making fun of Natalie on Instagram

 Many 90 day fiancé fans were surprised by the Reality TV crossover couple. 90 Day Fiancé personality Mike Youngquist and reality star Marcia Brazil Alves who's best known for her appearance on Rock of Love Bus are actually dating each other but keeping it low. After making everyone questioning for a whole year if the pair were seriously dating or just hooking up, Marcia just posted on her Instagram account @marciabrazil a set of new cute pictures of her with Mike. In the pictures you can see that the couple is actually together and they were having a good time with friends to confirm that all the rumors about them were true despite the TLC producers trying to make it look like Natalie has a chance of getting back with her ex husband.

For those who want to know more about Mike's new girlfriend Marcia, she was also on the third season of Bret Michaels’ dating show, during which 20 bachelorettes went on a tour bus to see if they could keep up with the Poison musician's lifestyle and win his affections. The reality star was eliminated so early in the fourth episode, and then she went on to compete in other VH1 shows Charm School and I Love Money. By dating Mike Youngquist, there is a big chance now that she will soon join the 90 day fiancé franchise, since the TLC producers love to cast actors and people who've been into other reality shows before because they are easier to control and convince to follow their fake story lines when needed.

We all know how most the fans really feel about Natalie Morodovtseva, nothing good sadly. But ever wonder, how Mike's new girlfriend feels about her? Thanks to her sarcastic comments on her Instagram, now we know! Marcia is  very active on her social media accounts, especially on Instagram. She always post great content about fashion, food, and some everyday life vlogs. 3 days ago, she posted reel speaking about how people are spying on you online, watching your new posts even if they don't like you, which is true. One of her Followers wrote: " Natalie from 90 day fiancé has been spying on her for sure." and what he meant was for sure at some point the Ukrainian who still loves her ex, must be spying on Mike's new girl Instagram profile even if she doesn't like her.

Marcia answered her follower's comment by saying: " The cocokraine?!!! Who knows." which shows that she doesn't think much of Natalie and she's making fun of her behind closed doors calling her the crazy Ukrainian and who knows what else.

It's time for Natalie to divorce Mike, the only reason to keep him around is to make him feel guilty and to ask him for money whenever she's broke. The viewers are tired of her careless behavior and keep asking her to seek therapy. Since no emotionally stable adult will be acting the way she does and it's clear that she has some big issues and can't be in a serious relationship with someone new yet.

We would love to see Natalie, Mike and Marcia interact with each other in the tell all of the expected single life season 4. That will be a good reality TV drama! However, that is up to the TLC producers, maybe they will do this and will surprise the fans with this later on in 2023.