90 day fiancé: Jovi spotted having a drink with Chantel (video)

 Chantel Everett is constantly receiving criticism from the viewers, her ex husband Pedro and his family. But there were many times when she has pleased the 90 Day Fiancé community with her Instagram posts, like her recent Instagram story showing her having a drink and a great Time with Jovi Dufren.

Chantel Everett might not exactly be one of the most loved 90 day fiancé cast members, but for sure she's one of the most interesting ones. Which explains why TLC decided to give her and her family their own spinoff show called "the family Chantel". This spinoff show was successful and got enough viewership to help it stay on the air for a total of full 4 seasons. Chantel won the viewer's hearts many times, especially after getting finalized her divorce from her ex husband Pedro. The Georgia native was first introduced to the 90 Day Fiancé franchise back 2016 during the fourth season of the show with her Dominican Republic boyfriend Pedro Jimeno. The controversial couple got married during that same season, hoping to make their relationship work. However, the viewers never trusted Pedro or his shady family and many expected that they will divorce as soon as he gets his permanent green card.

After the single life season 3 tell all episodes were aired, a lot of the 90 day fiancé cast members were spotted having dinners together. Bilal and Shaeeda met with Kobe and Emily and their beautiful two kids. Shaeeda posted a photo of them together on her Instagram @westindianbella with a caption: "We had a blast over the weekend, meeting Emily and Kobe and their gorgeous babies. After all, we are neighbors in the State. That’s what friends are for. ". Beside these couples, we also have Miona and Jibri who met with Thais and Patrick and you can see pictures of this meeting on Thais personal Instagram account @thaisamoniee.

Not in a million years you expect to see Jovi and Chantel together having a drink at night but here were are. Chantel, Jovi, Yara and a friend all posted the same Instagram stories of them having a drink together last night. The cast members were looking so happy to meet each other finally, and of course the 90 day fiancé fans immediately started to gossip on Reddit about this meeting. One editor wrote: "She found the perfect 90DFer to be boujee with.", while another was calling out Yara for being a hypocrite and commented :"Love how Yara hates drinking but I’ve seen her drink more than ever this season.". The fans think that Yara and Chantal should be best friends because they are both so shallow people who judge others on their looks and how much money they have.

While Chantel didn't film in any of the new 90 day fiancé main shows after being in the family Chantel season 4, Jovi and Yara are currently being part of happily ever after season 7 and we will see more of them during the 4 parts tell all that will start airing in the first day of the new year 2023.