90 day fiancé: Fans are worried that Angela is maybe an addict

 Angela Deem, one of the most talked about 90 day fiancé cast member has never trusted her Nigerian husband Michael Ilesanmi. The older she becomes, the less she trusts her man. At this point she's so suspicious of him that she won't even let him have an Instagram account. Her insecurities won't stop bothering her until she has full control of every aspect of Michael's life.

The 56 years old meemaw who is considered as an "OG" in the TLC reality show got cancelled by the 90 day fiancé community multiple times. Just last month, there was an online petition circulating around on the web that was signed by thousands of viewers who were asking TLC to fire Angela because they are tired of this her mentally and even physically abuse her poor husband on National TV. The Tv network didn't care for the fans' requests and kept Angela anyways since she's so controversial that the viewers and reality tv news websites and blogs are always talking about her which helps to keep the show stay relevant.

The Georgia native's behavior on and off the screen, has always made the fans question her sanity and even some start to be skeptical thinking that she may have a drinking problem or secretly using some illegal substance. Being a public figure, especially a hated one is hard. Each time you open your social media accounts or check the news about you, it's always some haters criticizing you and your life choices, calling you names and at some point these things start to affect your mental health, which is why Angela blocked all comments on her Social media at the moment because she couldn't handle the negativity anymore.

This week, Angela went live on her TikTok and she was looking ill and not fully there, like if she was under the influence of something really strong. The fans really started to worry about her, especially after seeing her party like crazy in Halloween and awkwardly dancing with a young man who was not her husband. Some fan on Reddit wrote: "I am sincerely disturbed. She was drunk. She was slurring so badly it was almost impossible to decipher what she was saying. In a hotel room with two of her granddaughters. Something about driving to FL to take her dogs to a vet. Two “friends” duetted and kept insisting she was “just tired”. They must have missed the part where she set her phone down next to the booze bottle for all to see. Lying about a drunken friend with two minors so she looks good on Tik Tok isn’t being a friend. With all the CPS issue with her daughter in the past, this was pure stupid. Watching her slow spiral down is too much. I’m surprised TLC hasn’t dumped her. Sorry Angela, but you need to clean your act".

One comment in the Reddit post said that after Angela's surgery that helped her to lose weight fast, alcohol starts to affect her body faster than before and it hits her liver faster than normal and affects her blood sugar. So the effect of 2 drinks now is actually like having 4 or 5 drinks and since Angela didn't change her drinking habits, so she will get drunk so fast and start acting crazy especially when she's with people. This actually explains a lot of why lately and after seeing her having just one or two drinks, the fans start to notice that her behaviors change so fast and she starts to be so aggressive and acting wild real quick.

Michael has suffered enough with Angela, he even said in one episode of happily ever after season 7 that his voice will never be heard in his marriage as long as he's with Angela. As a Nigerian man that he will never feel happy if his wife is the man in the relationship so maybe he should cut his losses and just divorce and find someone younger and better.