90 day fiancé: Darcey Silva shares details about her new major surgery

 Darcey Silva has already done many plastic surgeries, more than any sane person would have done. It has become an addiction at this point, and she's never satisfied with herself and still wants more. The 90 day fiancé community is worried about her and think that she was beautiful before and now she's looking like an overweight blow up plastic doll. Many viewers always write on social media comments like why does Darcey still upload photos and videos of herself on her social media using heavy filters and dark lighting even after she spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgeries. The 90 Day Fiancé icon recently announced that she is ready for a new makeover with her twin Stacey Silva and stated that this surgery is going to change her life.

Despite her disastrous love life, Darcey has won the hearts of many of the 90 day fiancé fans due to her good nature and her naïve personality that makes her pick the most toxic men in the dating market whom she chooses only based on their looks. However, her addiction to plastic surgeries is so worrying at this point and she shouldn't put her body and mind into too much stress especially at her age. The fans think that Darcey’s many makeovers are a waste of money since she never shows her true self. All photos and videos of her on her personal Instagram page are heavily filtered, blurry and dark despite her using a ton of expensive makeups already.

In a recent Instagram Story, Darcey posted a video in a clinic where the doctor who will perform her surgery works. His name is Steven Batash and he's an endoscopic weight loss specialist with 30 years of experience, so the 48 years old will be in good hands. In her video, she said:" I'm so excited to be in New York today, at doctor Steven Batash's office and I'm ready, today is the day for my esg procedure, it's Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and it's a weight loss procedure and I'm so excited for this new journey, this new transformation, it's gonna be life changing. I cannot wait, I so excited". She seemed so happy in the video because she's feeding her plastic surgery addiction and she finished by saying:" Thank you doctor Steven Batash and his amazing stuff, I love you guys and I can't wait, so excited for the future! And this amazing transformation ahead.".

ESG or Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is also known as accordion procedure. It involves the use of an endoscope with an attached suturing device to place sutures inside the stomach. ESG is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn't require any incisions on the outside of the body so there won't be any scars on the skin covering the belly. The twins again are choosing the pay to win method, instead of dieting, going to the gym or eating healthy, they do what they want and when they gain weight, they just have a liposuction or anything that doesn't require doing an effort or dedication from their side.

Social media platforms like Instagram has made a lot women suffer from depression, mostly because they see other women who are fit and beautiful and they become jealous of them without realizing that everyone uses filters and photoshop their photos to look perfect. The viewers want Darcey to get off Instagram because her addiction is getting out of hands and her fans commenting "queen", "beautiful" and "wow" on her unrealistic and heavy filtered pictures are not really helping her but instead making things worse.