90 day fiancé: Yara answers the rumors of her divorcing Jovi

 90 Day Fiancé fans were questioning Yara's commitment to helping Ukraine during her trip to Europe. No one seems to understand how Yara Zaya is actually helping her people since all the time she spent in Europe was to try to find a new apartment for her and her mom and she bought a sweater and a drink for one of her Ukrainian friends whom she supposed to meet in Germany. Beside that, her mom seems to dislike Jovi and was indirectly trying to convince her daughter that she doesn't need her husband in her life and that all men are bad and will leave and cheat one day, so better move to Europe with her daughter, buy a house and stay with her.

In many 90 day fiancé communities on social media, there was a rumor that Yara was thinking about divorcing Jovi for a long time now. Since she met her mom, she became more convinced to to do it, especially that her American husband didn't seem to quit his excessive drinking habit and his love for the strip clubs. While he's away at work, Yara was always worried that Jovi may cheat on her or go to strip clubs secretly, mostly because he works far from home and sometimes oversea and most people never change and keep their bad habits forever even after settling down, getting married and having a child.

Whilst Yara and Jovi are struggling along with their relationship, Yara will most probably continue to support her home nation of Ukraine, whether that is from Prague, where her mother lives now, or Louisiana where she lives with her husband. However, no ones really knows what is happening behind closed doors because the 90 day fiancé shows only show you what the producers want you to see and not always what is really happening. So even if on TV,  we don't see Yara doing so much for her people, in reality, she could be doing a lot for them, but she's just not sharing it on the show or on her social media.

To address the rumors about her leaving and divorcing Jovi to move to Europe with her mom, Yara answered all of the fans' questions on her recent Instagram live and she said:" I don't know about you guys, I didn't watch last week's episode and the one before it, so maybe I'll watch it today. I just didn't have time, but did I ever say that I want to leave Jovi? Because I think that I never said that! I do not want to leave Jovi because he's my husband and I love him and we have a baby and he is my man and why would I leave him?". Then she continues: "if I say I want to stay in Europe when he does work for a month, then go back for a month to stay in USA with him, that doesn't mean that I want to leave him, forget about him and find somebody different or something". She ends up by saying:" So yeah, I'm not planning to leave Jovi, Jovi is the best husband for me, so yeah I'm not leaving nobody".

Again, never believe anything you see on a reality tv show, a lot of the storyline is scripted. Yara and Jovi are still together going strong, and even if Yara buys a house in Czech which will be a great help for her mother who doesn't have a home anymore in Ukraine because of the war, that won't affect her marriage with Jovi. She will always be with him whenever he goes back home from work.