90 Day Fiancé: This is how Larissa became homeless

 90 Day Fiancé Brazilian star Larissa recently claimed on her Instagram live that she is on her own and has no place to go. While crying non stop during her live stream on the social media app, she tried to tell her story to her followers using her trademark south American accent and she talked about how she found herself in the streets. Most of the 90 day fiancé community online didn't show any sympathy toward her as she was disliked by many for being one among the top 5 villains of the reality tv show.

Former 90 Day Fiancé reality tv star Larissa Lima recent Instagram live has confused the fans who always thought that she was doing great financially. Since she came to the United States, the Brazilian has become a plastic surgery addict, and achieved her personal version of the American dream which is changing her appearances to look like a doll as much as possible. Larissa first appeared with her ex-husband Colt Johnson on 90 Day Fiancé season 6 back in 2018, when she moved from Brazil to the United States to marry him. The couple later returned for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After seasons 5 and 6, where her relationship with Colt ultimately fell apart thanks to Colt being so needy while her mother in law was so hostile toward her. Like Natalie and other foreigners in the show, Larissa left her husband's house and moved in with her new boyfriend Eric Nichols at the time.

Her relationship with Eric"ee" has become toxic over time and they've been on and off since then. The man is a clout chaser who eventually got tired of taking care of Larissa's expensive financial needs. So eventually, Larissa decided to make a living by herself in the adult world entertainment, which is easy money. Some fans claimed that the Brazilian was also working as an escort for a while in Las Vegas, while selling her private photos online on the only fans platform. So she was making good money in the last couple of years, which made the fans confused about why she was crying on her Instagram about becoming homeless since she can easily afford to rent a hotel or a motel room while looking for a new house or apartment to rent and to move in to.

On her Instagram live she said:" I have to figure out where I'm going, to rent an apartment in a second.". She explained that her boyfriend Eric kicked her out because he has a lot of money now and living with your girlfriend these days is like being married, if you stay for a couple of years together under the same roof and you break up then by law you must pay her alimony same as in a divorce. In a sad voice she continues explaining that he doesn't need her for nothing now, no friendship or anything and she feels like she's useless to him. His friends told him to lock her in a mental facility to get rid of her quickly. He doesn't talk to her, ignores her and she confirmed that he's like a wall at the moment, doesn't say anything back to her and he's not even open for communication. He just wants her to leave his place and get out of his life forever.

Many in the 90 day fiancé community find Larissa to be an attention seeker. Her past social media posts were always so dramatic, and it's hard to believe that there is validity to her claims. On the other hand, some people can't stop feeling bad for Larissa after everything she's been through since she came to the US and hope that she is able to continue working on getting her life together.