90 Day Fiancé: Proofs that Mike and Natalie are not back together

 Ninety days Day Fiancé Ukrainian star Natalie Mordovtseva made a decision to go and meet her ex Mike Youngquist in Sequim Washington, after he sent her money to help her mom escape from Ukraine and go to Poland to settle down there. The viewers don't trust Natalie and still think that she's a user and manipulator who scammed her ex husband just so she can come and stay in the US for a better life and opportunities.

In 90 day the single life season 3, we kept seeing clips and teasers of Natalie finally revisiting her ex Mike's trailer house. She said that her ex contacted her first and asked about her mom and offered to help and send her money, while her new boyfriend Josh didn't even bother asking. The purpose of Natalie visit is to take her stuff and passport that she left in Mike's house back when she ran away from home. The Ukrainian did mention that her dating life is not going so well right now, she's been dating around, trying to find a rich man who will sponsor her and give her a child but she was unlucky so far. Even Josh her current potential boyfriend is not interested in having more kids, he already has two and for him it's enough for now.Same as Shaeeda, Natalie is so close to 40 and she doesn't have much time left to have a baby. Plus, she has a history of having difficulties getting pregnant during her past marriages, so her chances of being a mom are really so small at this point.

In the 90 day fiancé community, many don't support the idea of Mike and Natalie getting back together and think that Mike deserves better. The 38 Years old White Cap brand manager was spotted a couple of times with another reality star who he seems to be dating and he's keeping it low so stay away from the media drama. Based on what he posted on Instagram, it looks like Mike accepted to be in the single life season 3 just to have money to pay for his vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico which he's currently enjoying and nothing else. He's not getting back to Natalie or anything and that story looks scripted at this point.

In his Instagram stories during his trip, a female purse was spotted on his launch table. It looks like Big Mike used his recent TLC check to go and enjoy a nice and warm vacation in Mexico. We know that for sure he didn't go with his mom, because she's not the type of woman who buys that type of purses and also he didn't go with Natalie since she was spotted by a fan in Public filming for the single life season 4 in the same week.

During her confession on the single life season 3, Natalie was so grateful that Mike helped her and her mom during their hard time and called him a hero with a good heart. Even though she broke his heart and left him one year ago, the Ukrainian still has strong feelings for her ex.