90 day fiancé: Natalie answers to why she doesn't want to divorce Mike

 Many in the 90 day fiancé community think that Mike Youngquist still has feelings for Natalie Mordovtseva, which is why he should give her another chance while others refuse the idea completely and want to warn Mike from getting back to the Ukrainian by saying it will be the biggest mistake of his life.

Natalie and big Mike were never the same after Natalie came to the United States on a k-1 fiancé visa. In the past, they had a good chemistry between them, had a plan to get married, settle down in Mike's trailer house in Sequim, Washington and have a baby together but nothing went as they planned. The couple first showed up in 90 day fiancé: before the 90 days, the fans saw some red flags back then in Natalie especially when she said that she doesn't love Mike and at the end of the season when she threw away her engagement ring just when her American fiancé was organizing his luggage preparing to leave Ukraine.

Once she made it to the United States, Natalie did her best to get Mike to agree to marry her even if at some point he was so influenced by his mother who told him that Natalie isn't the right one for him and he was going to take her advice, give the Ukrainian 5000 us dollars and send her back home. But he didn't, and as soon as Natalie got what she wanted, she left Mike and Sequim and went to live with her friends who she met on Instagram, to get hired later by TLC to be in 90 day fiancé: the single life franchise which took her reality TV career to the next level. That was Natalie's main goal since she was an actress back in Ukraine and thanks to her husband financial support and good heart, she was able to get what she always wanted.

In 90 day fiancé happily ever after season 7, we saw Natalie, who was still trying to make things work with Josh, goes back to Sequim to see Mike who is still her husband on paper. In the storyline, she was supposed to go there to take back her passport and stuff that she brought with her from Ukraine before leaving her husband, but she surprised everyone when she asked Mike and his mom for forgiveness for what she did to them and was basically begging him to take her back. The fans still don't understand why she didn't divorce Mike already, especially that he wants a divorce and she doesn't need him to get her green card anymore due to the war situation in Ukraine, she can stay in the country legally as a refugee now. Add to that, Mike doesn't want her back and he made it clear, and why would he? She was still married to him, using his credit card and dating around sleeping with other men, making a joke of him on TV while he was sitting at home, depressed and regretting that he agreed to marry her.

During the tell all of season 3 of the single life, Natalie got exposed again by other cast member of the show for being a user and for keeping Mike as a back up plan in case her career doesn't take off as she planned or if she won't find a rich man to have a baby with her and who will take care of her financially. She said that as long as she doesn't meet someone better, she will keep Mike around just in case, because she knows that he has a good heart and will always help her whenever she needs. Technically, Mike is still financially responsible of her for the next 7 years, it's the law, and as long as she stays married to him, she can feel safe and assures that she will be taken care of even if she doesn't work.

Natalie was spotted by the fans filming for the single life season 4 with Josh, but before that, there are a lot of secrets in her private life that will come out to the public during the tell all episodes.