90 Day Fiancé: Andrei exposed by the fans for lying about how much he makes

 In episode thirteen of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever after season 7, Andrei said that he made 750 during the last year. Of course he meant 750 thousand dollars and not just 750$, but his claims confused the viewers who are in big doubt that the Moldovan is pulling that much of a significant income.

During a big fight with his sisters in law, 90 Day Fiancé star Andrei Castravet claimed that he is so wealthy and has made 750 last year, but the 90 day fiancé community online are not buying it for many reasons. The 36 years old was never a good fit in his new American family. Even though he recently became a good friend and business partner with his father in law Chuck, Andrei still has a long way to go to be accepted by the rest of his wife's family who despise him so much at this point ever since he came to the United States and started to intervene with the family real estate business. In the recent episode, Andrei and Libby met with Jenn and Becky Potthast, to let them know that they were expecting a second baby, but their conversation went south real quick and turned into a fight.

Some of the fans went to Reddit to discuss Andrei’s claims about his income. First, they expressed their confusion over the amount and questioned whether the Moldovan was being truthful or was just trying to flex on his sisters in laws to make them jealous. A Reddit thread opened by the user "ddd4242" who asked: “$750 or $750k? From doing exactly what?” and many commenters shared their own honest opinions. Though the subtitles of the particular episode, it was written exactly "$750", maybe the producers were trying to mess with Andrei. But obviously the majority of fans within the thread assumed Andrei meant to say 750 thousand dollars. However, even after concluding how much the actual amount was, many commenters didn’t think that Andrei really made that much money last year. “He's either lying or he's doing shady real estate scams” one fan assumed, and others talked about the possibility that Andrei  is misleading the viewers with that number. “$750k will be the sales price associated with the houses they flipped, ” one fan wrote, “he’s just calling it ‘earnings’ to create himself the big man"

It seems like Andrei was waiting for the right opportunity to tell the world about how much he makes, and what better opportunity than a new episode of a reality show that is watched by millions worldwide. Either he made this 750k or not, it's not 750k of pure profit. He and Chuck are flipping houses and for that they must pay normal income taxes on their net profits within the financial year, plus the remodeling costs and other expenses . Andrei won't mention these details because they will make his gains look less important.

Despite Andrei possible false claims, there is no doubt that he and Libby have multiple revenue streams which can make them earn up to 750k or more yearly but together as hard a working married couple. In addition to the income they supposedly get from TLC for being in the show and from flipping houses, the couple also earns money through social media sponsorships, ads, their Cameo and their daughter's YouTube channel.