90 Day Fiancé: Andrei Castravet's net worth and why he won't be deported

 Ninety Day Fiancé star Andrei Castravet worked a number of jobs throughout his life since he was in Europe, all of these have contributed to his impressive current net worth. Back in Moldova, Andrei worked as a police officer, and that same job was the reason why he was "forced" to leave his country and work as a club bouncer in Ireland before meeting Elizabeth and eventually joining her father's business to because a real estate agent. An important part of his life was filmed on TV by being part of the TLC hit show.

Andrei said:" It is dangerous to be a bouncer, a lot of fights happen,” Andrei explained in a confessional. “I'm not an aggressive person in general but yes, I can stand up for myself.". The 90 day fiancé community for sure strongly disagrees with that, as many of the viewers call him aggressive, abusive and never liked the way he yells at everyone especially his wife and her family.  As time has passed and Elizabeth’s family learned more regarding the Moldova native, it had been revealed that the Police station where he Andrei worked was under investigation for corruption. Andrei defended his professional path and described that he left because he was the only clean cop and everyone else was dirty and wanted him to go down with them.

After he got his k-1 visa, Andrei was unemployed for around 2 years, in which 9 months he was waiting for his work permit and for the rest, he wanted to find a good job or start a new business to make good money instead of working as a trucker while mooching off his father in law's money. At the end, he decided to join the family business and he got his license and became a real estate agent. At first he was thinking about working alone by asking Chuck to lend him 100k. But at the end, he just made a partnership with Chuck and the two started working together, which made a big drama within Libby's family, who didn't appreciate an outsider coming into their family business and taking a big cut of their potential income even if it's the husband of their sister.

Andrei and Elizabeth founded their own real estate business Castravet INC where Andrei fulfilled the role of president and his wife Elizabeth was listed as vice president. In addition to his real estate career, Andrei collects a paycheck from TLC each time he appears on the show. He's a married family man, so his net worth is actually his and Libby and not just him like the situation of Bilal of Shaeeda. The couple also has a popular cameo account and charge for $225 per personalized message.

Both of Andrei and Libby have a big following on Instagram, and from their sponsors and the Instagram Reels Play Bonus Program, they are making a monthly 5 figures income just from social media. A big part of the couple net worth is from the real estate business. Home prices have spiked and Andrei doesn't only sell other people houses, but he is also an investor who buys old houses for a cheap price, flip them and sell to the highest bidder. 

The deportation story is made by TLC and many of the viewers have figured it out already. The Moldavian will never be deported, he's staying in the United States to continue growing his business and to take care of his family, especially after he and Libby just welcomed their new born baby boy this year.