90 Day Fiancé: After leaving Yve, Mohamed was spotted with another older woman

 Ninety days Day Fiancé season 9 star Yve Arellano has started the process of divorcing and deporting her ex Egyptian man, Mohamed Abdelhamed, who cheated on her this year and was caught during the second episode of the tell all. The young man had a plan from the start to get to the US and he never was going to stay with Yve for long. He could be patient and wait until he legalizes his stay in the country and later leave, but things didn't go as planned and he let his emotions get the best of him. After multiple big fights and the cheating scandal, the couple called it off.

Yvette and Mohamed made their TLC debut on 90 day fiancé season nine. The couple met online in 2019 when Mohamed saw Yve's beach photos on Instagram which made him slid into Yve’s Instagram DMs and told her that her body looked so beautiful in a bikini. Shortly after their engagement in Egypt, Yve filed for Mohamed’s K-1 visa to bring him to the US to be with her. However, Mohamed showed a different side of himself after his move. Mohamed expected Yve to act like his mom, in addition to pushing her into getting married to him as fast as possible, so he could secure his work permit and green card faster. Shortly after they got married, the Egyptian love rat already started texting and talking to other females. Eventually, he got caught and to look like as a victim, he accused Yve of domestic assault and tried to put all of the blame on her.

The cheating scandal was so Humiliating for Yve since everyone in her life, friends, family and the millions watching the show have heard about it. After everything she did for him, this was her reward. TLC confirmed the scandal in the second episode of the season 9 Tell-All. After the event, the fans read about Yve being arrested. Her rep was quick to be able to accuse Mohamed of trying to acquire a U-visa, in order to stay in the US soil as a victim so he would not necessarily get deported.

Yve filed for a divorce from Mohamed on September 22 in home town Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ever since then, we didn't hear much from her ex, who seems to be laying low at the moment, trying to protect his privacy and doing his best to find a way to stay in the country legally. In the other hand, Yve is adapting her new life as a public figure and is so active on social media, sharing pictures of her at work, others with her son. She may not speak out directly about her ongoing divorce, but she often lets her fans know how thankful she is to have their support.

Many people watch the 90 day fiancé shows and spinoffs worldwide and especially in the US, so nothing stays hidden for long. Recently, the fans have spotted Mohamed in public with a new older woman, who appears to be his new sponsor. One of the fans dug deeper in the web and found her social media and took a screenshot of a selfie she took with Mohamed. Both of them were looking happy in the picture, especially the Egyptian youngster who appears to be glad to find someone else to mooch off after Yve kicked him out of her house and left him with nothing.