90 Day Fiancé: Yara's friend is just another dangerous criminal hired by TLC

 Ninety Day Fiancé fans don't appear to be very shocked that Adele, one of Yara's friends, was arrested on drug trafficking charges in Baton Rouge recently this week. The 90 day fiancé community is used to it at this point, since Yara's friend is not the first criminal who's been hired by TLC. More than half of the 90 day fiancé cast members were arrested at some point in their lives and some of them are really dangerous criminals who are still in jail to this day. 

Yara Zaya who's currently part of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé spin-off Happily Ever After season 7, was filmed with her  brand new friend Brittany Adell Allison who's known by Adele on the show. This new friend may look like your average boring gold digger trophy wife, but in reality she's far from that. Just recently, she had been charged with allegedly carrying multiples kilos of drugs in her car.

 Yara appeared on ninety Day Fiancé with her husband Jovi Dufren for the first time in 90 day fiancé season 8, and the viewers always had mixed feeling about her, some just love her while others can't stand her and are tired of her endless whining every time she's on the show. The couple seemed immature and too self-absorbed to make to their relationship work. However, many are accusing Yara of having an anchor baby just so she can stay in the states because since she came to the US on a k-1 visa, she's been continuously fighting with her fiancé about everything. Even if Jovi loves his baby daughter Mylah, but in one episode he did say that if not for the baby, he doesn't believe that he and Yara would've made it this far together.

Baton Rouge Proud news reported that Adele, one of Yara's closest friends who we saw on happily ever after season 7, was arrested during the first week of October 2022 after being accused of participating in "an extensive drug trafficking venture." The blonde was not alone in this and the police has found out that she was part of a group of six other criminals who were arrested later on as part of the bust. In her luxury vehicle, the police have found many bags of cocaine, also heroin and some illegal firearms. Her boyfriend, Francisco Palma, was also arrested during the same night and the six people have been indicted by a federal grand jury.

Jovi didn't like Yara's new friends since the start, he called them a bad influence on her. He also was worried that his wife was so naïve and will listen to anything her friends suggest to her. 

At some point, TLC will need to run a background check before bringing new cast members, this is not the first time that someone hired by TLC is getting arrested for a major crime and all of this is giving the company a very bad press. Not only this, but the producers of the show are constantly encouraging the cast members to commit some act of violence to create more drama like couples hitting and slapping each other, throwing drinks and vandalizing cars they don't own.