90 Day Fiancé: Ximena spotted holding hands with her new sugar daddy

 Ximena Morales Cuellar from before the 90 Days season five, has caught the 90 day fiancé community's attention this week after sharing a set of Instagram stories, showing her having fun, singing and holding the hand of her new sugar daddy who was driving her and her two sons somewhere fun for the weekend.

Ximena, who was the Ex fiancé of Mike berk shared a number of pictures on her personal account account with her new boyfriend, who seemed to be too old for her. The senior citizen new boyfriend looked so grumpy in the pictures. We think that he was annoyed by Ximena's voice, as it looks like she was singing non stop during their road trip. Her boldness for sharing such posts has gained a mixed reaction from her followers and the 90 day fiancé community on Reddit. One redditor said: "Omg nooo girl. I truly hope that’s her grandpa too lol.".While some hater was surprised that other American men still dare to date Ximena, despite the fact that her dark dating past was shared publicly on tv and he wrote:"I would stay clear of her especially with her past having a hitman/scario ex boyfriend baby daddy. I’m sure he can still get someone else to hurt any man in her life. Just because he’s in prison doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what’s going on outside the prison walls. Also please someone help her do better at taking filter pictures. She looks so unnatural".

Ximena, who had an awkward journey on the show, had to deal with her American partner's poor hygiene and openly tell him to move out of her house. Mike tried everything to change his habits and to make her reconsider their breakup, but the two eventually decided to split. The viewers slammed Ximena for making her two sons get attached to every new man she dates and called her a bad mother, a hood rat and many other bad names.

Months after the split with Mike, the Colombian young woman started her entrepreneurial journey, and decided to go back to more casual dating and to focus on her adult entertaining career. She opened an Only fan's account and started selling private pictures of herself to make money. Not so long after that, she expanded her businesses and opened an Unfiltrd account for the same purpose. In the other hand, her ex Mike Berk has  moved on and found a new woman that loves him. He still didn't show her publically yet, we believe that he's working behind the scene with TLC to be on a future show in which  we will be able to see his new dating adventure. In September 2022, the  New York resident shared an Instagram reel from Miami with his 120K plus Instagram followers and mentioned that he has a new girlfriend now.

The last time Ximena posted something about her dating life was with a guy from Canada named Brian. She has not revealed much about her relationships in the previous two months until this week when she showed her new man.