90 Day Fiancé: Why did Kimberly buy Usman a cow?

 Kimberly Menzies was feeling so nervous before her expected meeting with Usman Umar's mom. The 50 years old American woman is going to ask her future Nigerian mother in law for her permission to marry her son and to take him back with her to the United States when the time comes. The San Diego native indicated her concern over going to Sokoto, Nigeria, after her brief stay with "Sojaboy" in Abuja, to meet his family members because the pair  is continuously fighting about the same subject, which is Usman having a second wife and maybe a third and a fourth in the future after his marriage to Kimberly.

During the last Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Usman spoke with his mom in advance before bringing Kimberly to meet her. The autotune rapper was feeling anxious and disappointed that his mother was already against the idea of him marrying Kim,  and she did not hold her tongue when it came to her dislike of the 33 year age gap between the couple. So we know for sure that when Kim will meet "Sojaboy" family, it's not going to be a pleasant experience for her. Even though the 90 day community and her son Jamal warned her to not get married to her Nigerian boyfriend, The San Diego native is still determined to marry him and nothing will change her mind. Many of the viewers called her thirsty and silly and promised her that she will regret her decisions later on.

In preview of Sunday the 16th new episode, we saw Kimberly hanging out with Usman in a cattle market in Nigeria, and it looks like the couple is trying to find and buy a good healthy cow. Kim told Usman that this was crazy, and she's never been in anything like this before. Later on, she went to pet a couple of goats and cows in the market and looked so happy while interacting with the animals. After looking around and taking a couple of selfies, they finally found the right cow and started negotiating with the seller about the price and the delivery method. Thanks to Usman negotiating skills, they managed to reduce the cow price from 460 us dollars to 420, which is around 180k Nigerian Naira. Kimberly told the seller that she's buying the cow as a gift for her fiancé's mom, who she will meet tomorrow for the first time, and she's doing her best to win her love.

Kim has always expressed her fear and said in one episode that her whole relationship with "Sojaboy" is at stake if we don't get his mom's blessing, because we want to get married, and I want to help bring him to America. But none of that is going to happen if his mom says no. Especially after Usman disastrous first marriage with baby girl Lisa, his mom has become more cautious about her son bringing and marrying older American woman. She asked her son on many occasions to stop wasting his life and to find a "fertile" woman who will give her grandchildren.

Back when baby girl Lisa met Usman's mom, she bought her a goat and managed to get her approval to marry her son, but a goat isn't going to cut it this time, so Kimberly was right to buy a cow.