90 Day Fiancé: Stacey Silva new look is worrying her fans

 Ninety days Day Fiancé cast member Stacey Silva recently unveiled the results of her new beauty treatments on her personal Instagram page. Her own Fans can't seem to recognize her anymore, it's like if she had a completely new face.

90 Day Fiancé OG star Stacey Silva has a totally new face after having several cosmetic treatments that are making her look like a real phony Hollywood star. Stacey, a 47-year-old from Connecticut, started off as a guest character on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the ninety days season 1 to support her twin sister Darcey during her long distance relationship with her Dutch boyfriend Jesse. But Stacey and Darcey’s twin adventures, went from browsing through relationships to filming their journeys of plastic surgery addiction, which helped the twins to land their own spin-off show, Darcey & Stacey that aired 3 seasons so far despite the bad ratings. The twins Darcey and Stacey, in their attempts to look “snatched,” have undergone several plastic surgeries, the recent ones they had was during their trip to Turkey. They may think they are getting snatched, but their own fans think that the twins are actually being botched more and more each new makeover they have. Many of their haters on Instagram are mocking them by asking, “who is this?” in their comments.

While Darcey and Stacey are publicly transparent about which surgery or perhaps treatment they have done so far to their faces, it’s the frequency of which bothers fans who are wondering when will this stop. For instance, in a recent Instagram story of Stacey, she filmed himself with numbing cream on her deal with ahead of her procedures. Stacey asked her fans to stay tuned for typically the “final results” that she finally contributed on her feed later. Stacey submitted a selfie captioned, “Feeling like a new Hollywood star. " She added typically the hashtags “Hollywood” and "glam. ” Inside the photo, 90 Day Fiancé's Stacey showed off her smooth skin, huge lips, and wavy blonde hair of which complemented her baby pink dress properly.

Many of Stacey’s fans agreed of which she looked “gorgeous” and “stunning” in the picture that she recently, while other just calling the situation sad and are traumatized by the new fake Barbie look of the reality tv star and called her case a mental illness.

When Stacey teased for her new looks on Instagram, her fans may possibly have wondered whether she was having more nips and tucks done even after the Turkey trip where she had plenty work done already. However, now, Stacey didn’t do anything extreme to be able to alter her appearance, mostly everything about her is fake and she's just using a bunch of filters. Both Darcey in addition to Stacey were at the Medical spa recently, praising the golden hands of their doctor in Miami. Stacey appears to have done some touch-ups, some thread, and some fillers. But as expected, Stacey’s haters on Instagram won't let this pass, her Instagram comment section did let the middle aged woman know that with every passing year, she and her sister are getting botched more and more, one of the most liked comments on her photo says: “You don’t look like that, please let us see the real you.”

Darcey was always the one who gets the most criticism from the 90 day fiancé community, and Stacey was called the most beautiful one, but right now both of the sisters went rogue with their plastic surgery addiction. With their unhealthy diet and aging, soon they may have to stop this craziness in order to live longer for their kids.