90 Day Fiancé: Natalie's Boyfriend Josh was caught flirting with Elizabeth's sister

 Natalie's new boyfriend Josh hints at the new relationship with a different ninety Day Fiancé cast member amid rumors about their possible breakup. An old photo from 2016, shows Josh smiling with 4 other people, one of them is Elizabeth Potthast. You may wonder, how is Josh linked or met the Potthast family and why is he flirting with Libby's sister in one of his latest Instagram stories?

Apparently, this photo from 2016 was taken at a fashion show organized by Josh’s company. According to online reviews of people who went to the event which was supposed to introduce models to fashion companies and important people in the fashion industry. The models mentioned that they had to pay to be in it, and no one actually got a job out of it. But what was Libby doing with Josh? It looks like Libby’s mom owns a Christian modeling and talent agency and that’s how Libby got her previous acting jobs. The 31 years old never was on her own in the real world, when she's not working for her dad real estate business, she was working for her mom's agency.

So Libby was probably there networking and that's how she met Josh, and she could be the one who introduced Josh to TLC and she was the connection that helped him to get into the 90 day fiancé franchise in the first place. This all can make the 90 day fiancé community feel so suspicious and can make us doubt that his relationship with Natalie is just fake, and that he's another clout chaser who forced himself into the single life season 3 just to promote his modeling agency.

In case the storyline was real, it looks like Natalie Mordovtseva might have split up with Josh Weinstein, as fans caught him on his official Instagram page @jweinsteinent flirting with a Libby's sister as shown in the screenshot below. Natalie scammed her way out of Ukraine by using her husband Mike Youngquist to whom she's still legally married. Their marriage was a disaster, and after only a couple of months she left her husband and relocated to Florida and started searching for her fourth future husband. Natalie dated around until she met Josh, the CEO of a modeling company in California, the pair met at a work event. In the single life season 3, we see that Natalie flew to Los Angeles California to meet with Josh. The two are not officially a couple yet, but that didn't stop Natalie the devout Christian from having intercourse with Josh before even they make their relationship official.

To this day, we still don't know if Natalie and Josh are officially together. Either on the single life spinoff or their personal social medias, there is no proof that the two will end up together. Everything about them looks so fake as if they were put together by the TLC producers just to create a story line from nothing. The 90 day fiancé community also suspect that Natalie meeting her ex husband Mike and hugging him outside of their Sequim home, which was shown in a preview of a future the single life episode could be also scripted. Natalie herself has claimed a few days ago on her Instagram story that she works hard to entertain the viewers and that she doesn't act normal only when filmed just to stay on 90 Day Fiancé franchise who doesn't seem to cast normal people anymore.