90 Day Fiancé: Michael Ilesanmi finally flipped out and shared his side of the story

 Ninety days Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After new season is all about the drama of several couples who we already saw and followed their journeys in previous 90 day fiancé seasons. But as usual, none usually are going through anything really as powerful as what Angela Deem and her Nigerian husband are going through during their long distance marriage. To date, we’ve learned that Angela didn't fly to see her husband for 2 and half years, and recently she was chatting and video calling a past Las Vegas stripper who is in desperate need for a kidney and she was trying to help him to find a donor. Angela, who lost 40 kilos during the past year, mentioned that she underwent five surgeries in one day, including a gastric sleeve procedure, liposuction on her back and a breast reduction.

In the latest episode, and after a couple of teasers and trailers showing Angela vandalizing Michael's car, the 56 years old finally decided to get a closure and fly to Nigeria with her female friend to surprise her husband. The sudden visit sadly was not a happy surprise for Michael, who wasn't with his wife for a long time. It was actually Angela's decision and method to expose her husband on camera for cheating on her so she can finally file for a divorce and avoid being scammed and used for a visa, because once Michael's visa is approved and he arrives to the United States, it will be so hard to deport him even if he instantly leaves Angela when he's there.

After being filmed trying to learn how to swim, Michael sat down to speak about the allegations made by his wife who is accusing him or cheating and being a scammer. He started off by defending himself and he openly stated in front of the camera that when he first started the k-1 visa process to move to the United States, His wife told him that she will take care of him financially, and forced him to quit his job to be a stay at home husband. She also insisted that he stops hanging out with his friends because they are a bad influence on him. Michael agreed to her terms and accepted that she will be sending him money every month, which she did for a time.

The financial deal between Angela and Michael may look fishy to some people and makes him look like a scammer who is using an old American woman for easy money, because in reality, maybe young men from third world countries are doing the same thing but with bad intentions. The 90 day fiancé community did comment a lot the couple situation on social media, and most of them are totally on Michael's side. They don't think that Angela is doing him a favor by sending him money, because the Nigerian was filmed and appeared on TV too for multiple seasons and tell all episodes and he deserves a cut from whatever TLC is paying his wife for being on the show.

To get escape Angela's financial abuse, Michael tried to be independent by creating and growing his own Instagram page to make money as an influencer, and in a short time he gained around 60k followers until his wife gave him an ultimatum to either delete the page or they will be done for good. So the Mr. deem decided to cave in and listened to his wife. Until recently when Angela decided to stop sending him money, so he told her that he will create a new Instagram page anyways either she agrees or not and won't delete it unless she sends him 5k as soon as possible because he got no job at the moment and several bills to pay.

A lot of scenes and story lines are being faked by the 90 day fiancé producers to make the show more dramatic than it should to keep the viewers interested. So it's hard to know sometimes what is real and what is not, so don't put aside the possibility that Angie and Michael are going to make it together anyways and we may see him in the United States filming another season of 90 day fiancé: happily ever after.