90 Day Fiancé: Memphis and Hamza recent update

 Before the 90 days season five couple Memphis Sandoval and Moknii Hamza might both be residing in the United States, but they aren't living the American dream. The two split up after a couple of months of living together under the same roof. Hamza moved alone to Chicago because it's a big city with better work opportunities, despite the fact that he got no savings and also doesn't have a work permit to work legally in the country yet. He's currently residing illegally in the United States after his ex wife allegedly didn't file for his adjustment of status paperwork.

Memphis Sandoval and Moknii Hamza fascinated numerous 90 Day Fiancé fans with their shocking and sudden split. Currently, each of them is living a totally separate life from the other despite having a new born baby together and residing in the same country. The American mom and her Tunisian man met for the first time face to face and got married on Tv during ninety Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days season 5. Memphis pressured Hamza into getting married and told him that if she didn't get married to him during her trip then it will be over between them. Although the couple split off-screen and didn't show up together in any of the 90 day fiancé spinoffs after the tell all, the viewers remained very curious about what occurred to the former couple.

During her presence on the show, Memphis grew to become one of the villains of the franchise and many in the 90 day fiancé community didn't like her and the fans were on Hamza's side mostly because he's handsome. Except that, the Tunisian young man is no angel either and from his suspicious behavior after he arrived in the United States, the whole situation looks like another classic case of a "love rat" who scammed his way to get out of his third world country for a better life while scamming an older and naïve woman.

What made the viewers dislike Memphis was the way she was talking in a slow and bossy way to Hamza, like if she was talking to a child. In her defense, Hamza didn't speak English very well at the time and she needed to speak to him that way so he can understand her better. Also, some of the viewers were perplexed simply by the way she acted and believed that she was disrespectful to Hamza's sweet mother Hayet and sister Rawia. While Hamza wasn't perfect, he demonstrated a much sweeter side, especially during the airport scene where Memphis left Tunisia and he was crying and told her that she was his whole life and he's so sad that she has to go back to the US without him.

Memphis who is a nurse practitioner was overweight during her trip to Tunisia during which she got pregnant. After she gave birth to her baby daughter, she went on a diet and lost many kilos and now she's looking fit and great as you can see if you visit her personal Instagram account @missmemphis05. She also got the full custody of her daughter from Hamza, which makes sense since because she's the mom and the parent with the financial stability in the relation. Hamza right now can't even take care of himself at this point, so there is no way that he could take care of a child without having his green card, a stable job and a house to his name. Memphis may have abused the situation for a while, stopping Hamza from seeing his daughter, but thanks to Hamza's lawyer, now the Tunisian have the right to see his daughter after his wife agrees to the day and the date.

When moved to Chicago, Hamza stayed first with a Tunisian friend who was a fan of the show and who accepted to house him and take care of him until he gets up on his feet. Since he couldn't work legally yet, Hamza has been doing some small modeling gigs and getting paid in cash "under the table". Some of the fans spotted him many times roaming the streets of Chicago and hanging out especially near the Chicago river. Another fan wrote on Reddit that Hamza was actually living and sleeping in a used Van under the Chicago river, and confirmed that a lot of the fans were contacting him via his Instagram Dms and were sending him money and clothing every month so he can survive during this hard time.

Overall, there is no chance that the couple will get back together. There is a chance though of seeing Hamza in a future season of the single life, since the Tunisian has many fans and needs the money. Although, he's staying in the country illegally and can't work yet, but there is always a way for undocumented immigrant to get paid even without their papers, the same way Natalie was getting paid even though her husband Mike didn't file for her adjustment of status papers.