90 Day Fiancé: Liz's guest exposes her and tells what really happened in the engagement party

 Big Ed and Liz are one of the most toxic couple in the 90 day fiancé franchise. The pair has already broken up 8 times before joining season 7 of happily ever after. Many of the viewers didn't appreciate that TLC brought the couple to the new season, because most of them disliked Big Ed already due to what he did to his exes in the past. Also, this spinoff is supposed to keep the fans updated about the international couples that they saw before in earlier 90 day fiancé seasons and not to follow a new story between two Americans who met during the filming of the show.

Big Ed and Liz had a big fight at the end of their engagement party. Right after, Liz was spotted having a heated argument with a female guest. As if her night wasn't bad already, her fiancé made it worse for her when he started questioning her sexuality and their future together. During the event, the TLC producers shared a red screen with white text that said:" As the party was ending down, Liz and one of her guests got into a heated argument. Liz had the woman removed by security".

But that is not the full story, of course TLC will only let you see what they want you to see. Earlier this week, the a friend of the woman who had a fight with Liz, went to the biggest 90 day fiancé sub Reddit and shared exactly what happened during the event and she wrote :

" Y'all I CAN NOT with how this was portrayed. So my gf is the girl in question here. We were getting ready to leave so my gf was hugging Liz goodbye and Liz looked like she was going to cry so my gf looks at her like "hey are you good? Do you need to talk." And had her hand on her arm. Then I walked up and made an inside joke we have had within our friend group and Liz LOST IT. She started yelling at me and my gf and I were like liz it's the joke it's a joke. So we start going back to our group to get our stuff because, again, we were already leaving and then she "kicked us out" bitch please we were already leaving. They kept calling my gf all night and Ed was harassing her trying to accuse them of having a relationship and my girlfriend was just like "I'm not here to be used for whatever plot or narrative you think is here." It was really exhausting and my gf was NEVER, EVER, attracted to Liz. Period.
Oh I'm so heated. I was shaking when I was watching that but I did catch a glimpse of me and my bestie at the bar so that was cool. Lol"

Big Ed may not be one of the good guys, but one thing he said was so right about Liz which is that she is not emotionally stable and she's not ready to get married. It looks like the 29 years old two times divorced moms can create a big drama from nothing. Her fiancé was so patient with her go home, take her stuff and leave because she's not ready to be in a serious long term relationship yet.