90 Day Fiancé: Everything to know about Tim Malcolm's new girlfriend

 Ninety days Day Fiancé star Tim Malcolm has moved on from his infamous exes, Veronica Rodriguez and Jennifer Tarazona. The North Carolina Native is well known for his love for "Latina" women, and for his controversial fashion style that has made many of the viewers question his sexuality. Nevertheless, Tim is a straight male and his dating history can prove it. Since 2021, he was spotted hanging out and posting social media posts with his new girlfriend Linda Ramirez, but many in the 90 day fiancé community don't know anything about her yet since she was not in any of the the main 90 day fiancé shows. She did appear briefly in 90 day bares all but many viewers don't bother watching that show.

Tim first introduced his new Columbian new girlfriend during an episode of 90 Day: Bares All back in March 2021. The 42 years old is really fond of her and he said: “Linda is very special to me, she’s from Colombia,”. He also confirmed that she’s been in the United States for about a year and a half and that She’s been taking English classes weekly to help her become more fluent so that she can communicate better with him.

The new girl is seventeen years younger than him and he seems to be happy with her and both share a similar sense of humor. Based on what he said: “She's so sweet and she’s low maintenance, which you know, is really not what I’m used to.” The entrepreneur dated many young and beautiful women from South America and most of them were drama queens, like his ex Jennifer who used to make a scene from everything each time they go out in public.

Many of the viewers don't know that Tim Malcolm is a hardcore gamer, at some point he used to live stream his gaming on Twitch when he has time. He's also a big fan of zombie movies and video games. The viewers also saw Linda back in November in a now deleted video on Tim’s YouTube channel in which he had revealed that she was a gamer girl who plays online under the nickname: "Lucy". The video was nearly 12 minutes long and in which we see 90 Day Fiancé's Tim on an arcade date with Linda while emotional romantic music was playing in the background.

On his personal Instagram profile @el_gringo_charlotte, Tim will often share his many adventures with Linda that include thrill seeking experiences like high speed boat rides or just sitting at home and playing virtual reality video games. In the past, Linda expressed that she has no problem with Tim being so close to his ex Veronica, especially with them spending time together weekly and during those pillow talk episodes at her home. There is even a photo on Tim's Instagram of him, Veronica and Linda having a dinner together. However, during one episode of the single life season 3 Tim said: "With my current relationship, she’s very uncomfortable with the idea that I’m very close friends with my ex-fiancée,” he told producers during the September 26 episode of the spinoff. “There’s always that doubt, that you know, they’re scared you’re gonna fall back in love or cheat on them. I get it."

Tim close relation with Veronica is hurting his and her love life. At some point, the two best friends need to slow it down a little and give each other more space so that their significant others don't get jealous and stress out all the times worrying about them getting back together.