90 Day Fiancé: Angela latest Botox procedure went so wrong

 Ninety Day fiancé star Angela's weight loss journey is impressive, she lost over 100 pounds and she's doing her best to fight the aging process. Not only that, but she also had her teeth fixed, and every few months, she goes and gets her Botox shots for free from her favorite Nurse practitioner Jennifer Anne Di Landro, the same nurse who also did some injections to Ari, Ashley, Tom and many other 90 day fiancé cast members. It's a common practice that a lot of businesses are offering free services to Influencers who will thank them publicly, praise them and promote their Businesses on their social media with big number of followers.

Angela Deem recently shared a video on her personal Instagram account @deemangela showing her having a Botox procedure which probably won't make her look any better. Many of the viewers kept requesting that TLC fire her from franchise because she's an abusive person who has done so wrong to her now Nigerian husband Michael Ilesanmi. The poor guy has been suffering on TV and behind the scenes with Angela. He's been abused mentally, physically and until recently we saw that the Georgian native is even abusing him financially.

The 56 years old D-list celebrity is apparently scared of needles, despite having many injections and a couple of major surgeries before, she was so stressed out and continuously screaming during the recent video with the nurse practitioner. Before coming under the spotlights, she made her first TV appearances on Maury and Trisha before kickstarting her reality TV career through 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days in 2018. And now, each year, TLC is trying to include her in a new season of one of the spinoffs because she's a controversial person who is "good for business" and her presence brings viewers and clicks to the show, which means more money for the Tv network from ad revenues thanks to the people who are watching.

The 90 day fiancé community wants TLC to understand that Angela doesn’t entertain them, but instead causes them distress with her actions on her poor husband Michael Ilesanmi. On the other hand, Angela is constantly being in the news, and the fans are seeing her face everywhere they go on social media, even if it’s for the wrong reasons. This is all seems to be the reason why she is an important cast member to the franchise, which explains why she's been brought back again and again by the producers.

Given her history, it's easy to guess that Angela Deem will apologize to no one. She's been on fire since she has joined the franchise and she won’t post a statement about her recent behavior with her husband, even after she humiliated him multiple times on tv and even vandalized his car which she allegedly paid for it. Instead, reality TV star Angela might continue with her charades and keep her Instagram comments turned off to show that she doesn’t care what the 90 day fiancé community say and think about her.