90 Day Fiancé: Yve big revelation after splitting up from Mohamed

 Ninety Day Fiancé season 9 cast member Yve is currently in the middle of a messy divorce from her scammer ex husband Mohamed. Despite the Hardship that she's going through right now, the licensed massage therapist is doing her best to cheer up and she has been uploading positive quotes on her personal Instagram page to show her fans that she left all of the drama behind her.

Yve Arellano continues to be going through a hard divorce since 90 Day Fiancé season 9 aired, her experience with Mohamed Abdelhamed was awful. He was a lazy and selfish mama's boy, who only cared about his own life goals. Yve and Mohamed experienced some sweet times in the past when she visited him in Egypt. She was his first, the Egyptian youngster had girlfriends before and a fiancé but they never had sex, so when he met Yve he was still a virgin. When Mohamed came to the United States all went well at the start, particularly when he was around Yve's son, Tharan. The viewers and Yve's close friends never liked how her fiancé was forcing his Islamic ways and habits on her, but the 48 years old wanted to be a supportive fiancé and did compromise a lot to keep her Arabic man happy.

Yve and Mohamed were never a good match and during their 90 Days stay under one roof, all of the red flags in their relationship have shown, especially with an over 20-year age gap among them and the big cultural differences, the two had a tiny chance to make their marriage work. The way they met is a classic love rat trying to catch a desperate middle aged white woman from a first world country story. Mohamed the young North African man made the very first move on Yve by sending her a DM on Instagram, after he stumbled on one picture of her in a bikini. The pair continued their long distance relationship online before Yve flew to Mohamed's native country Egypt. They quickly got engaged after meeting in person for the first time, and right after that, Yve decided to bring him to Albuquerque, New Mexico by applying for the K-1 visa.

Despite Yve positive posts on her social media and her trying to show the world that all is ok in her life right now, the doctor claims that her ex has been using her and the other ladies he was talking to for the Green Card. It was either her or someone else, it didn't matter much for the Egyptian native with who he was, the most important for him was to find a sponsor so that he can stay in the US. Mohamed also pressed household violence charges against his wife, as part of his plan to apply for another visa that is designed for foreigners who have been abused by their spouses, but Of course he's far away from fitting into this category. While all of their attorneys are handling their separation and divorce, Yve has been spending her days promoting small businesses and winning trophies for her fashion style as shown on some videos posted on her Instagram profile.

Yve and her lawyers are determined to get Mohamed deported. Only getting a divorce and letting him stay in not an option, they are at war and will accept nothing less. People like Mohamed are the reason why immigrating to the United States has become really hard in the past 10 years, even for those who are entering the country for the right reasons.

Yvette is ready to move on and embrace  her single life, showing off her new look and hair for her 100K social media followers. Her Instagram bio says:"#positivevibes" and her Instagram feed is a confirmation that she's been doing great without the drama of being married to Mohamed. Even Though she was shocked to learn about the other women Mohamed was flirting with during their short marriage, she learned her lessons and now she's back focusing on herself and her son.