90 Day Fiancé: Jibri and Miona Break their NDA and expose TLC for faking their entire Storyline

 Miona from 90 day fiancé season 9 had a hard time while she was staying rent free in her American fiancé's parent's house in Rapid City, South Dakota. Jibri parents didn't stop criticizing their son, calling him immature and not ready for marriage, while his mom kept attacking Miona personally on multiple occasions and questioning her motives for being with her son. This storyline made the viewers dislike Jibri's parents so they sided with the Serbian makeup artist. At the same time, the young couple was also affected by the events that TLC apparently put them through, which made them look like silly teens who can't make it on their own.

Recently, Miona shared Stories on her personal Instagram account to answer some questions that she received from her fans. In one of the her answers, the Serbian stated that all her storyline was fake and was made up by TLC writers. Jibri and Miona Bell were one of typically the biggest standout couples from the new season of 90 Day Fiancé. The couple fashion sense was unique, most of the times they wore matching outfits which made them look cute together. On their personal Instagram accounts, they always made their relationship look perfect by sharing lovely couple photos traveling the world and hustling their way to the top. Lately, the Serbia native posted a motivational photo of her standing near allegedly her new 80 thousands dollars new Porsche with a caption:" Today I got my first brand new car!!! I’m a 24 year old immigrant woman that moved to this country less than a year ago and managed to start a business, get a dream car and build a life that I’ve always dreamed of! No rich parents, no handouts, I built everything from scratch and I couldn’t be more proud of myself." 

The viewers are not buying it because many influencers lie about their luxurious lives, and post pictures of things that are rented and not theirs. Plus, neither Miona or her husband posted anything later on to show that the car is their, which made the fans even more suspicious and accuse them of lying.

Based on what was shown in season nine, the couples were struggling financially, which made them live in Mahala's house rent free, Jibri had no job or no savings, while Miona just came to the United States and won't be able to work legally for six to eight months until she gets married and apply for her work permit. So how could they afford to buy nice things and especially the Porsche? Miona who probably broke her NDA had enough and shared her own truth on her social media while answering a fan's who was accusing her of lying. In her Instagram story, she wrote: "We could always afford rent. Jibri didn’t live with his parents since he was seventeen years old. When I first came to South Dakota that was also Jibri’s first time there in three years. He lived for years in Chicago. I had a successful business in Serbia and Jibri had his own business here for two years. He wanted me to come to SD so I could meet his family. We were there for maybe three/four weeks total and I  didn’t been back there for almost a year now. That’s the pure truth."

This statement could get Miona into legal troubles with TLC if they press charges against her for breaking her nondisclosure agreement. All of the 90 day fiancé cast members sign a contract when they join the show, and in such reality tv contract, there is always one paragraph that prohibits the cast members from releasing certain information like revealing which drama is real and which is fake, or giving updates about their relationship to the public before the new episodes go live and certainly before the tell all parts.

It's unknown if we will see Miona and Jibri in a future season, the couple would love to have more clout and airtime but after Miona statement, that is probably not going to happen anytime soon.