90 Day Fiancé: Here is why Rebecca returned to the US and left Zied in Tunisia

 Ninety Day Fiancé's Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi are going through a tragic dilemma. The viewers were speculating that Zied is done with Rebecca and is trying to find a way to get rid of her, especially after he got his green card. This summer, he decided to go back and stay in Tunisia either with or without his wife. We heard later that Rebecca has joined him and flew to Tunisia but she came back to the United States alone.

Popular ninety Day Fiancé star Rebecca Parrott was separated from Zied Hakimi after their latest Tunisia trip due to a very heartbreaking and stupid reason which the viewers think that it was planned by Zied. Rebecca from Atlanta and Zied from Tunis, Tunisia first met via Facebook. The social media platform suggested zied profile to Rebecca, who decided to add him as a friend because she thought that he was sexy. She texted him first and also catfished the north African by hiding her real age using extreme photo filters. It didn't matter to Zied who quickly fell in love with her. They were first featured in 90 Day Fiancé: before the 90 Days season 3. Zied was looking much younger than Rebecca and had a number of similarities with her 3rd ex-husband, a youngster love rat from Morocco who left her after coming to the U. S. 

In ninety Day Fiancé season 8, Rebecca and Zied got married after he pushed her into tying the knots before the holy month of Ramadan began. The viewers thought that their marriage was doomed from the start. No one can believe that the 3 times divorced grandma from Atlanta can stay forever happily married to a 26 years old, unemployed Muslim man from Tunisia, who's probably just with her to move to the United States, get his green card, have a better life and send money to help his family back home. But in June this year, Rebecca and Zied shared pictures from Tunisia to mark their four year anniversary, so maybe there is a chance after all! 

On Wednesday night, Rebecca told her Instagram fans that she and Zied were saying goodbye to Tunisia after spending two months with his family. The makeup-free and filter-free Rebecca admitted that she was feeling so emotional and was trying not to cry while leaving Zied’s family and their loved ones behind, even though she was excited to go home. However, in a different video published immediately after, Rebecca wrote, “Going home without Zied” and a heartbreak emoji that left fans worried. 90 Day Fiancé celeb Rebecca added, “Didn’t see this coming at all, ” in her caption as she explained that she was recording the video from Germany at her layover and that Zied had not been with her.

The reason why the Rebecca flew back to the United States alone while zied was sent home from the German airport is actually a silly mistake. Zied is a Tunisian citizen, and his green card allows him to enter the United States and some other third world countries that his green Tunisian passport allows him to visit and that doesn't include other first world countries. Zied doesn't have a visa that allows him to enter or fly through the Schengen area which is why he was sent back home. The couple should've checked this before they booked their tickets, since there are direct flights from Morroco to the states which they could buy. Some fans' theories state that Zied is finally done with Rebecca, even if he still love and care for her, but the Tunisian native is still young with his life ahead of him and will want kids at some points, so maybe he's doing everything he can to push Rebecca away indirectly until she files for a divorce.