90 Day Fiancé: Here is why Liz is as bad as big Ed

 Liz Woods and Ed Brown's relationship might be more toxic than what it appears to be in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever after season 7. A video posted by E-news, shows Liz opening up to her friend about how she feels about being with Big Ed, and what she said is confirming what many of the viewers were suspicious about already,  when some of them started calling him "Big Pred" and were asking TLC to remove him from the franchise permanently.

The clip shows Liz Woods discussing Ed Brown's tactics of verbal manipulation which confirms many of the fans theories about Big Ed and how he doesn't really care about Liz as a person, he just needs to be with a younger woman to boost his self esteem and to be included in more 90 day fiancé seasons which is good for his photography business and cameo side gig which made him thousands of dollars since he joined the franchise. It doesn't matter to Big Ed if he's with Liz or not, all he cares about at this point is to be on the show and to use his fame and small wealth to attract younger women who are mostly having financial troubles and in need of a sponsor.

Big Ed has changed a lot since he joined the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, beginning with his courtship regarding Rosemarie during 90 Day Fiancé: before the 90 Days season 4. Several fans saw his comments to the much-younger Filipino girlfriend as patronizing, and afterwards developments have only served to help to make him look as one of the villains of the franchise. Although his relationship with Liz, beginning off-screen and transitioning to The Single Life spinoff, was seen as healthier at first, the 90 Day Fiancé community got no doubt that the relationship is doomed and will end sooner or later. One of the fans shared a before and after photo of Liz and commented that Big Ed is a "Sanity Vampire" who sucked the life and joy out of Liz since they officially started to be together.

Which is totally true if you think about it. When Liz was introduced to the show, she was a joyful and fit single mom working as a restaurant manager in San Diego. And after she met big Ed, she started to look anxious and unhappy all the times, as well as crying during most of the episodes. Finally, she started to develop an eating disorder and gained some kilos, because she is constantly worried that Big Ed will break up with her at any moment, and then she will have to move out and be alone in the world and struggle financially again.

In a sneak preview clip of the next episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After shared by E! News, Liz told her friend that Big Ed never cares to help her develop as a person to go ahead in life to be strong and independent. Instead, he loves how she needs him and depends on him financially. He also started to fat shame her indirectly and asking her to go to the gym to look like she used to be before.

Elizabeth still hopes that Big Ed will still love her no matter what. She's in love with him, but the viewers don't think that the love it's mutual. The 90 day fiancé community never liked Big Ed as a person and not because of how he looks. Especially after some of them started digging into his past and found out about his sexually aggressive behaviors with a couple of the women during his 40th. Anyone can see that Liz is unhappy with Big Ed, and the poor woman is being exploited by her 55 years old Boyfriend who just wants more air time on the show for self gain.