90 Day Fiancé: Angela Deem is being scammed again (Bad news)

 Angela Deem has been flirting and making Tiktok dance videos with a Canadian man that we just saw on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily After season seven and several viewers instantly felt that the relationship between the two is little bit fishy. Not only that Angela is being caught emotionally cheating on her Nigerian husband Michael on camera, but the viewers think that the new man might have ulterior motives for flirting back with Angela.

A recent fan's Reddit post has made the 90 Day Fiancé community questioning the real motives behind Angela Deem’s new man, claiming that something is absolutely not right here and that the handsome ex male stripper is probably using Angela and he's not really into her in any way. Angela first made an appearance on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 2. The reality tv show filmed Angela’s love adventure with her Nigerian fiancé Michael Ilesanmi, who she met through social media. The pair talked together for months online to know each other, before Angela decided to fly out to Nigeria to meet the man of her dreams. Angela back then was overweight, living a harsh life in the trailer park while taking care of her old and ill mother and her grandkids. The Georgian native had a low self esteem which made her see Michael as a catch.

Angela's family warned her about Michael and told her that the 20-year age gap is not normal and sooner or later the Nigerian will show his true colors. But Angela didn't care and chose to follow her heart and went to Nigeria to meet her man anyways. As soon as she arrived, the two were inseparable and eventually they got married, but since then their relationship has had a lot of problems. Michael was so hard to trust and that made Angela go crazy questioning his actions while they were thousands of kilometers far from each other. Many times he didn't speak to his wife for weeks and only called her to ask for money or to get updates about his Visa, and one time he cheated on Angela with a female passenger whom he picked up while working as a taxi driver, the poor client did not have money to pay so he offered her other method of payment that we only see in adult movies. 

Angela now is part of on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After season 7 with her soon to be ex husband Michael and things are not looking so good for the couple as Angela went to her lawyer to discuss with him possibility to cancel Michael K-1 visa application in case she had to. In episode 3:"Don't Take Me for Granted", Billy the Canadian ex male stripper was introduced to the show, Angela claims that it is time to focus on herself since she's too old and she lost years of her life to Michael who was not worth it after all despite her being loyal to him for almost for 5 years. Angela met Billy online and told him everything about her and Michael marriage struggles, but they quickly became very close friends and have been speaking together almost on a daily basis. 

Even if some viewers are not buying it and believe that Billy is just an actor hired by TLC to add more drama to Angela's story to make him look like a new love interest, others can't stop to feel that the relation between Billy and Angela is real but Billy is using her to get his 15 minutes of fame and get more clients for his businesses which are his painting and accessories online shops and dancing courses. On the third episode of the new season of happily ever after, during the couple of minutes when Angela was calling Billy, who is also called "the thief of hearts", the Canadian gave a quick shout out to his Tiktok account and did a couple of dance moves to show off. 

He knows that 90 day fiancé is a big franchise by now in the reality tv world and just showing off his face for a couple of minutes will make thousands of the viewers search him on the web and social media, check his businesses and maybe even order something from him. We don't expect this relation to be a thing, at the end Angela Deem just wanted more air time on the show to get more money to do maybe more Plastic surgery, and many people who join the show nowadays are clout chasers or just trying to promote their businesses.