90 Day Fiancé: Yvette reaction after Mohamed cheated on her

 Yvette Arellano is  unbothered by Mohamed Abdelhamed's cheating rumors. Lately, The 90 Day Fiancé star proudly shows off her brand new hairdo on her Instagram. 90 Day Fiancé season nine star Yvette Arellano indulged within self-care and got a hair transformation while rumors of Mohamed Abdelhamed's cheating are all over social media. Audiences may know the 49-year-old from the recent season of 90 days, where she appeared alongside the her 26-year-old Egyptian fiancé. The couple first interacted together on social media, and Yve traveled to Egypt to meet Mohamed in person. After getting engaged throughout one of her trips, she applied for her beloved's K-1 visa to ensure that he could come to the United States. 

The couple was part of this new season of the show, and the viewers saw them go through a series of various problems, including bad communication, plus Mohamed's demands about Yve converting to his religion. However, regardless of the red flags, the couple went upon to get married anyways.

Over the final few weeks of July, rumors of Mohamed two-timing Yve have surfaced everywhere on the internet. The gossip started when a whistleblower Instagram fan page shared multiple screenshots associated with the reality star's alleged conversation along with another woman. In the alleged text messages, Mohamed openly flirts with the mystery woman, claiming that he wants to leave Yvettte to be with her. He also revealed that the only and main reason of why he's with his American wife is to get the green card and nothing else. The supposed messages also showed Mohamed stating that he will start his plan as soon as he gets his work permit.

It appears that Yve was already conscious of the supposed leaked texts and she shared an Instagram story in which she was asking her 90 Day Fiancé fans to have patience until she figures things out. Within the meantime, she's been busy concentrating on self-care and self love. In her latest Instagram Story, the TLC star revealed that she pampered herself with a brand new hair makeover. In her beautiful Insatgram story photo, she mentioned that she got a "haircut & a piping hot #blowout. " She looked so good and healthy and she also gave a shout out to the hairstylist and salon who get her hair done.

Yve has also added some wedding photos with Mohamed on her personal Instagram account. In one of the posts that she shared,  the licensed massage therapist wrote in the caption "#photooftheday" and replied to a fan who complimented her looks by saying: "Thank you, I'm a former model", and added that she will be always active on the social media platform to post motivational posts from her collection. Whilst Yve's modeling past is still the mystery, her pictures show that the girl must've been good at her work.

As for Mohamed, he's been also active on his Instagram, blocking everyone who's bringing negative energy into his life, including our own meme page, and he also shared a few of his wedding photos with Yve. But the reality celeb has limited comments on his posts to prevent getting offensive messages from his haters. The leaked conversation of him and the woman was shocking, yet it is still an alleged scandal and the women never revealed her real identity to the public, so it's possible that someone created it for social media drama.

 Nevertheless, Mohamed and Yve are not liking each other social media posts, have made the fans suspicious. Heading forward, the viewers will have to wait for the possibility of seeing the couple in a new happily ever after or 90 day diaries seasons to get an update about them, since the alleged cheating has happened after the two episodes of tell all were filmed.