90 Day Fiancé: Why the viewers don't like Shahidah?

 Why the viewers don't like Bilal's ex wife Shahidah? A very important factor was her being in the tell all part one, and if you thought that 90 Day Fiancé Season nine was a little bit boring, then all you have to do is to watch the two parts of the Tell-All to see the real chaos between  the cast members. Since all the couples had to gather in the film studio to discuss their relationships and spill the tea with Shaun Robinson, things look to possess obtained messy, as everyone's judgment rubbed someone or the other the wrong way.

During this season, Bilal and Shaeeda struggled with communication, all thanks to Bilal's elaborate 'pranks'. Then, there was the added issue of the prenup, Shaeeda wanting a child and Bilal constantly lecturing her. And, to make matters worse, Bilal's ex-wife was quick to meddle in their business too. The viewers think that it's been all planned by Bilal, who sent his ex and mom to try to convince his Trinidadian fiancé and make her feel guilty so that she signs the prenuptial agreement and it worked!

As the cast discussed Shaeeda and Bilal's relationship, Shahidah, Bilal's ex joined up with them in the studio. Shaeeda refused to cope with her the entire time and she even didn't bother to look at her direction. She explained that her beef started with her during their initial conversation where the ex wife was trying to explain how much the prenup is important to secure Bilal and the future of their children without even considering Shaeeda. Shahidah asserted that everything she said was from a place of concern for Bilal, simply because Shaeeda had no assets like savings, houses or cars back home and hence the lady brought up the topic of the prenup.

Shaeeda maintained her silence during the tell all, even when Shahidah spoke regarding how she was upset over Shaeeda's reaction to Bilal's house prank where she lived for 2 full years. While the Yoga teacher decided it was best to keep her silence and stay classy or maybe she was afraid that Bilal will side with the ex wife, the viewers were not of the same judgment and came for Shahidah and here some of what they wrote on Twitter:

During the 90 day fiancé tell all parts 1, the hashtag #90dayfiancé was trending worldwide on Twitter all night, hundreds of memes were shared and many of the fans were writing posts and taking Shaeeda's side, and they felt her pain as if it was theirs. The prenuptial agreement is one sided and has no penalties on Bilal if he doesn't honor his part of it, which is making his new wife pregnant before her 40th birthday, while in the case of a divorce, Shaeeda can lose it all, money, house and the risk of being deported.

No matter what, we feel that Shaeeda is going to stay with Bilal as discussed by many of the fans in social media groups and forums. It's clear that she's in it for the luxury lifestyle and not only for love, considering that she picked Bilal after a long search and "slid into his Instagram Dms" trying to catch him and she made it. Now she's married and living a good life in the United States with her high value man.