90 Day Fiancé: Why Thais's dad doesn't like Patrick?

 During episode sixteen "Here comes the bride" of 90 day fiancé season nine, Jibri was hoping that his parents will show up to his wedding, Emily had some major doubts about marrying Kobe a day before the wedding and Thais was torn between marrying Patrick and going home. So Patrick decided to be the man and directly confront his Brazilian future father in law to ask for his permission to marry his daughter.

Thaïs's father who's full name is Carlos Roberto, was never impressed by Patrick's house and car and the fact that he's coming from a first world country. And It looked like he never expected that his daughter will be married to a foreigner nor that she was going to leave Brazil and her family to move and start a new life in the United States. During last week's episode, we saw that Carlos didn't approve of the wedding and asked his 25 years old daughter to immediately fly back home and leave Patrick whom he never liked in the first place.

But why The dad doesn't like the American fiancé? For a lot of reasons actually. First of all, Patrick's Portuguese and communication with Thaís's father was not that great since the start. Since Thais doesn't speak English, he made the effort to learn her local language, but his Portuguese is bad and so basic, something like Pedro trying to speak broken English to Chantel during their first season in the 90 day franchise but slightly better. A lot of the viewers were questioning why Patrick didn't speak with her father or why they have communication issues if he is fluent in Portuguese, well you know now that he is not and any Portuguese native speaker can confirm this.

The second reason is the culture difference. When you see Thais's father speaking for the first time in his native language, you get the idea that he is rude and sounds like a villain because he has this really strong and thick Mineiro farmer accent, but for the locals, there is nothing wrong with him and his way of communication and saying things and he is actually considered extremely cute and pleasant. On the surface, you hear that Carlos said no to marrying Patrick but between the lines all he wanted to say is that he didn't want Thaís to live in the United States as he wanted her to stay close to the whole family, not only him and he was worried that if she is so far away from him then he won't be able to protect his little girl, knowing that Patrick has a business back home and he will never even consider moving to Brazil.

And finally the obvious reason of why Roberto dislikes the American ex Olympic weightlifting athlete is a result of the current economic state of the modern world and how it affects the people in every nation. By default, in the eyes of the world, every Brazilian woman is a gold digger and every wealthy American man in a third world country is a loser sex tourist who can't get hot girls in his country. Both stereotypes could be racist and wrong in many cases, but the same way Patrick's family and friends may think that Thais is the Latina gold digger marrying an American for his money and to get a green card, in Brazil the locals also have their own judgment on foreigners and may say that these men who fly to third world countries dating and marrying the youngest and hottest local women, are users who can't even dream of getting the attention of such women back home. Which why Roberto suggested that Thais should marry a Brazilian guy and praised the local men.