90 Day Fiancé: Who was Shaeeda dating before Bilal?

 Before Shaeeda moved to the United States on a K-1 90 Day Fiancé Visa, she had a different life back in her home country Trinidad and Tobago, that included friends, family, a thriving yoga business and a dating history that she did her best to hide and keep it private for personal and religious reasons. When she arrived in Kansas City to be with her Fiancé Bilal, everything has changed for her, and she had to restart and rebuild her whole life from scratch in a new country.

During 90 day fiancé Season nine episode 17: "To Have and to Scold", Bilal and Shaeeda had a beautiful wedding at home and invited close family and friends and everything was perfect. At least for Bilal, who got his prenuptial agreement documents signed by his fiancé, after he indirectly forced her to do so using the influence of his mom and ex wife. 

Bilal Hazziez is no stranger to obfuscating the truth a bit, as evidenced by his insensitive fake car and house prank played on his fiancée, Shaeeda Sween. We saw on this season that the real estate investor was very open on the show about being a divorced single dad. His ex-wife, and mother of his two children, Shahidah was also featured in many episodes, trying to convince the Trinidad Native to sign the prenup to protect the money and assets that her kids with Bilal will inherit in the future.

However, Bilal hasn’t mentioned on camera everything about his past relations, we only knew that Shahidah was  his ex wife, without the specific detail that she was actually his second ex wife. Generally, divorce records are considered part of the public record, so with a little digging, some of the viewers were inspecting his past and found out that he was actually married to another woman named Ameerah prior to Shahidah. According to court records, Bilal and Ameerah were married in August of 2002. But what about Shaeeda's past, why is she being so secretive about it? Is she worried that Bilal, his family and the viewers will look at her differently as a Muslim woman with a past?

In an interview with an American daily newspaper called "Newsday", Shaeeda spoke about her past and said: “In March 2017, I was in a very dark place in my life. My boyfriend had broken up with me via a text message. Who does that? Imagine I was looking at him as my future husband. I was emotionally and mentally damaged”. The Trinidad native continued to bring back past memories and explained that she started Yoga to cope with the pain of the breakup.

It's hard to think that at 37 years old, a Beautiful woman like Shaeeda never had a dating past and multiple fiancés, despite the fact that she's a Muslim. In her religion, women don't usually date and have sexual relations before marriage, because it's considered as a sin or in Arabic "Haram". It's possible that she took her time to focus on herself and to find a high value man, since we know that she is the one who contacted Bilal first and "slid into his Instagram DMs", because she saw his Instagram posts about his luxurious life and wanted that for herself.