90 Day Fiancé: Who is Mike Youngquist's new girlfriend?

 Ninety days Day Fiancé's Mike Youngquist has been spending some quality time with Rock of Love's Marcia "Brazil" Alves ahead of The Single Life season 3 that will premiere in September, in which we saw Natalie hugging her ex husband in the trailer but that was probably a scripted scene to get the fans suspicious and excited about the new season.

Big Mike started dating his rumored new girlfriend back when some news of him and Natalie Mordovtseva getting back together started circulating around. The 37 years old Sequim, Washington native was experiencing his first divorce when he met his Ukrainian second wife Natalie, who was dealing with a similar situation. Poor Mike was unlucky so far, he can't seem to get a break, his first wife was a lesbian and his second wife married him to get a green card. Mike and Natalie were both the godparents of a mutual friend’s daughter. Any time Mike saw Natalie’s photos, he was instantly smitten, and the couple finally met after he flew to Ukraine and got engaged in Paris right after. When the viewers saw Mike and Natalie in 90 day Fiancé season 7, he was visiting Natalie in Kyiv before she got her K-1 visa approved and came to America. During that visit, Natalie's mom really fell in love with Mike, but her daughter started to act crazy, telling Mike that she's not in love with him and threw her engagement ring in Mike's luggage and asked him to go back home.

In The month of September 2021, Mike appeared for the first time in some photos online with the VH1’s Rock of Love star member Marcia “Brazil” Alves on her personal Instagram account. Reality TV celeb Mike and Marcia hung out in Las Vegas, Nevada where she is currently staying. On August 15th, Marcia shared even more images of Big Mike via her Instagram page. In the photos, Marcia and Mike posed cheek-to-cheek for a selfie and, in a different one, smiled for the video cameras and we can see some slot machines in the background, so we can assume that while they were in Las Vegas, they did spend some time in the casinos. Even thought Marcia did not tag Mike in the images, but just by posting pictures of them together, should be a statement that the two are dating and it's not just a friendship or a one time hookup.

Mike’s rumored girlfriend is Marcia Brazil Alves, born in 8 August 1979, she's a Latina who is residing in Las Vegas. As hinted by her middle name, the reality TV star is from Brazil. She's also a marathon runner and mother to one son. In the past, she starred in Bret Michaels' VH1 reality dating show Rock of Love before the show ended. She then started her own shoe line, VanZant Shoes, in 2014. According to Ranker, she was married in 2019 but after seeing her with Mike we can see that her marriage didn't go well. But how the two meet? And Does she really have some feeling for Mike, or she's just another D list celebrity who's a clout chaser, and dating him just for a chance to join the TLC reality shows and slid into the 90 day fiancé franchise in a future season?

It appears that Mike and Natalie aren’t divorced yet. We know that Mike didn't really filed for Natalie’s change of status, according to his Tell-All confessions, which could make Natalie face deportation. But due to the war, we assume that Natalie got her green card already and now she's just pursuing her dream of becoming a famous actress.