90 Day Fiancé: Mohamed and Yve recent update after all the scandals

 Are 90 Day Fiancé season nine couple Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed still married? And what's going on in their lives at the moment after the two recent scandals? There are plenty of things going on right now and a lot to explore in the story of the recently married couple. The viewers believe that Yve is the victim here and everyone is wishing for Mohamed to get deported, are we having a Deja vu?

A great deal of drama has happened to Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed’s relationship since ninety Day Fiancé fans last saw them in the "Tell-All" part one and two. Albuquerque resident Yve fell in love along with Mohamed, who is half her age group, when he applauded her images upon social media. When they first met, Mohamed just ended his engagement to his Egyptian 3 years fiancé while Yve was single for some time after ending her eight-year relationship with her son Tharan’s dad. Mohamed as all love rats, was so quick to fall in love with a foreign middle aged woman from the United States and didn’t waste any time when he met Yve in Egypt for the first time to ask her to marry him.

Right after moving to the U. S., Mohamed didn’t approve of Yve’s lifestyle. This religious Egyptian didn't want Yve to be within the same room with a male stranger, expected her to cook him breakfast every morning rather than preparing herself going to work, and clashed with her friends who were rude and a little too much to be honest. This bothered Yve, and at some point Mohamed even claimed his desire to return to Egypt. He was furthermore getting restless with Yve, who held postponing the wedding in order in order to have her dream wedding ceremony.

At the ending of the Tell-All part two, the 90 Day Fiancé producers gave the fans the surprise update about Yve discovering textual content messages between Mohamed and another lady. Amid tears, Mohamed confessed that he had met someone online, but did ask the woman to stop text messaging him since he was married. Nevertheless, screenshots of Mohamed’s texts to the particular woman show him writing: “I would just keep you in bed for days,” and “I will go to the attorney right after I get the green card.” Yve and Mohamed were in New York City to film the Tell-All around June 15, and the text messages were leaked by the Instagram account @MerryPants on July 28th.

Yve confirmed via her Instagram stories after the Tell-All Part two that Mohamed was talking to 2 women, among whom there was one who was married. Later on, the InTouch weekly magazine reported that Mohamed pressed domestic violence charges against Yve on August 15 with one count number of battery and something count of attack against a household member. Yve apparently has an arraignment hearing scheduled upon Tuesday, September 6. Per the authorities statement acquired by Entertainment Tonight, Mohamed claimed that his wife Yve "becomes very violent and angry" when she drinks. He accused her of hitting and grabbing him up on multiple occasions, also alleging Yve has been having an affair with a guy named Mike, based on the messages he saw on her Apple watch. Plus a well executed recording of Yve shouting at Mohamed continues to be leaked online on many social media accounts and 90 day fiancé news blogs which is not helping Yve with her case.

In a statement made by Yve’s publicist, the domestic abuse allegations are obviously false and a plot by Mohamed help him stay in the United States and file for the U visa. He was allegedly plotting along with his girlfriend about how exactly he could be eligible for the U-Visa in the situation of domestic abuse. The InTouch weekly magazine confirmed that Mohamed has not been living with Yve since August 14, one day prior to he pressed charges against her. Nevertheless, Yve and Mohamed have not submitted for divorce yet. Immigration lawyer Kathleen Martinez has stepped in to assist Yve and has filed charges against Mohamed, who may be committing immigration scams. The attorney will make sure Mohamed does not stay in the USA Under false pretenses, even though Mohamed, in a new statement to InTouch, claims he has no problem heading back to Egypt but we all know that's a lie.