90 Day Fiancé: Everything you need to know about Patrick's home security business

 Patrick Mendes has spoiled his partner Thaís Ramone with a lavish lifestyle, nevertheless the way that he makes money is raising eyebrows. On 90 Day Fiancé, Patrick Mendes has shown off a wealthy lifestyle that has left many fans curious about how precisely he makes so much money. Patrick flexes his Panerai watch and Tesla car, and explained that he spent $10K on his partner Thaís Ramone's beauty treatments and shopping sprees during her first few weeks in America. While Patrick and Thaís have defended his work ethic, many franchise fans have uncovered what shows up to be shady information about the company that Patrick works for.

Patrick explained on 90 DF that he's in the home security alarm business. Thaís was asked by a fan to reveal details about his job on Instagram this week, although her answer, however stirred up more speculation about just what Patrick does for a living. Thaís shared a post explaining how hard Patrick works, in reply to a fan asking if having been working in an MLM (multi-level-marketing) scheme. Although Thaís was unfamiliar with the expression, many franchise fans are concerned that Patrick's business has a sort of pyramid scheme structure, which sees employees driving sales by bringing newcomers into the business. With MLMs, this is usually done to push products that benefit the people at the top of the chain, and fans think that Patrick is high up in the corporation.

The Austin native is listed as a recruiter for Vivint, Inc. Vivint is described as a specialist smart home security system installation company. As an employer for Vivint, it appears that ninety days Day Fiancé newcomer Patrick’s job is to get more visitors to join the security installation team. He is detailed as available to help people who would like to work for the business. Interested Vivint customers need to plan phone consultations before having security systems custom-made and installed. However, many ninety days Day Fiancé fans remain suspicious that Patrick’s company is in fact fraudulent. Vivint was formerly named APX Alarm Security Remedies, Inc. The company is not licensed by the Better Business Bureau. Typically the trusted business review website lists the company as having a D- report, and an average customer rating of 1. 08 out of 5 superstars.

It appears that many customers have had issues with the company that 90 DF star Patrick works for. Typically the last three years saw customers processing 5, 045 complaints, with 1, 895 of these complaints being shut off the past year. Many of the reviews for the business claim that horrible or non-existent customer service is 1 of Vivint's major downfalls. Multiple commenters contributed that canceling accounts is not easy, during your stay on the island have also been contracting issues. Many customers accused the Vivint representatives of only caring about money, which has brought to them alleging "swindling" customers. "This is a scam of any company and they are horrible. Run!!!!!!, " one customer review on the Better Enterprise Bureau website reads. Overall, many critics urged potential customers to steer clear of the company.

While Thaís protected Patrick and his work ethic, it appears that there exists plenty of sketchy information about the company he works for. Despite the troublesome reviews, Patrick has boasted about his job, and shown off the luxury lifestyle that he is able to live credited to his income from the business. In the mean time, Thaís also enjoys reaping the benefits associated with Patrick's work, as she is familiar with a glamorous lifestyle, and wasn't lawfully able to work in the USA States when 90 Day Fiancé season 9 was filmed. Patrick has yet to address any fan allegations phoning out the ethics of his company.