90 Day Fiancé: Every surgery Angela Deem had so far

 Angela Deem is infamous in the ninety days Day Fiancé franchise for her individuality and irritable character. Now, the Georgian native has joined the plastic surgery addicts squad, which most of the women who's been part of the show have joined, like Darcey and Stacey, Larissa, Deavan and many more.

The 55 years old grandma might have entered the 90 day Fiancé franchise to share her journey with Michael Ilesanmi, her Nigerian prince, but slowly her narrative has totally changed. At the moment, her story has become more personal than before and more focused on her own weight loss journey and improving her appearance. At first she said that she was doing this for Michael, but it's obvious that she's doing it for her, to fix many complexes that she had to deal with her whole life while living as a poor single mom in the trailer park. We all saw she came out across many of the franchise shows after debuting on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days and now we will see her again in the new season of happily ever after season seven which will debut in 28th of August. 

While her marriage is probably finished and her divorce is on the way, the 90 Day Fiancé villain continues to broadcast her intensive physical transformation and keeps sharing her future plastic surgical procedure plans on her Instagram page. Following waiting a long time for Michael's U. S. visa to be accepted, which probably he will never get because his country is blacklisted due to thousands of scam activities that are happening daily in the area, Angela decided to let go of her husband and instead change her physical appearance which what we saw on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After season 6. When Michael disapproved of her plastic surgery, Angela shattered up with him through the "Tell-All" episode and did something unforgettable which was flashing her chest to the camera while everyone in the studio and million of people worldwide were watching. 

In the trailer of happily ever after season 7, the D list celebrity seems like she managed to move on from her hubby Michael, as her primary focus is currently on herself, we saw her flirting with a Canadian handsome man, asking him if she can fly to him. As for for her surgeries, Angela had a gastric sleeve surgery, a breast reduction, and liposuction in August 2020 and she's currently taking Botox shots each three to four months. Some of these operations were televised and show Angela flirting with her handsome African American plastic cosmetic surgeon who she was later rumored to be able to be having an affair with which is probably fake news. The romance was not confirmed regardless of her doctor’s shady romantic past getting revealed by fans. Angela’s combined surgeries helped her quickly lose 50 kilos off her previous 125 kilos frame. However, she wasn't satisfied with these results alone.

Angela then had a facelift and a breast lift to help with her sagging skin after the massive weight loss. She also had plastic surgery on her hands and revealed her desire to have a butt lift in the future. Most recently, on 90 day diaries, we saw that she also got teeth implants after she lost 90% of her teeth due to excessive smoking and not brushing for years, we wonder how Michael was kissing her with passion despite all of this, nevertheless, her teeth now look perfect and she's absolutely thrilled with her new smile.