90 Day Fiancé: Couples with the weirdest age gaps

 The 90 day fiancé franchise is full of couples from different cultures and ages. But some the of middle aged American on the show were engaged to way younger significant others from other countries, which made their relations look so bizarre to the viewers, who are not used to see such a huge age gap. Here are our top five couples with the weirdest age gaps:

1-Tarik and Hazel:

We start with Tarik and Hazel with a 17 years age difference, the American rapper definitely has a type and he has tried international online dating for a while which is how he met his Filipina current wife Hazel. They appeared on season 2 of 90 day fiancé before the 90 days, the couple had their own drama with Hazel being bisexual and Tarik who was still in contact with his ex from Thailand, but they are still together and working on bringing Hazel son to the United States.

2-Darcey and Jesse:

Darcey and Jesse are one of my top 3 toxic couples of the franchise, watching them interact together always made the viewers feel super cringe. With 18 year age gap, they never really had a chance to end up together, Jesse is a narcissistic clout chaser and Darcey is a naïve and clingy divorced mother of two.

3-David and Annie:

David and Annie are one of the fans' favorite right now, but that wasn't always the case. They met at a bar in a Thailand, where David was spending his vacation. Despite him being 48 and she 28 at a time, the two clicked right away. Even though they had some money and trust issues at the time, they got married anyway and now they are living happily ever after in their house in Fountain Hills, Arizona

4- Rebecca and Zied:

90 Day Fiancé fans are aware that 51 year old Rebecca has big jealousy issues when it comes to her much younger 29 year old Tunisian husband and she has this constant fear that he's going to leave her one day. You might remember that Rebecca got into a fight with one of her daughter's friends, who Rebecca felt was flirting with Zied while the poor girl was just offering help to drive her family truck and help the couple move some furniture from a storage unit to their new rented apartment.

5-Mark and Nikki:

Mark always looked more like father when he was with Nikki than a husband or a lover. The age gap was so huge and weird. At the time, Mark was 58 years old and Nikki was 19. During their season, viewers learned that Mark had traveled to the Philippines, where his first ex-wife is from to meet Nikki after talking online. Just two days after coming face-to-face, Mark proposed to Nikki with a makeshift ring made from a zip-tie. Mark filed for divorce in March 2022 after six years of marriage.