90 Day Fiancé: What Natalie is up to nowadays?

 Natalie Mordovtseva is famous for her Abnormal behavior when she's on camera. During her toxic marriage with her ex big Mike, she used to spend most of her days at his trailer park home, eating and stressing out about the status of her legal stay in the United States. She did gain some kilos at some point from the excessive eating and the side effect of the antidepressants that she was taking, But since then a lot of things have changed. The golden-haired Ukrainian woman, lost the weight, divorced the husband, and moved to Florida and now she's hustling her way to the top.

Natalie had a great weekend celebrating the 4th of July, even if she's a foreigner. The 90 Day Fiancé  superstar didn't shy to show her physically fit body, she wore a white bikini and a long silver necklace on an Instagram reel that was posted on her account, to show the world that she was hosting a pool party. She was not alone in the video, there was another good looking woman with her. After reading the reel description, we learned that the lady in the blue bikini was an actress and a supermodel, and her stage name is Vera Nova.

The Ukrainian always wanted to be a famous actress, and she was hiding this when she was in Ukraine, but as soon as she put her foot on the US soil, she told Mike that she doesn't want to have any kids with him, and that she wanted to move to a big city where there are more opportunities, to focus on her acting and modeling career. And since the divorce, she was doing her best networking with people in the modeling world and show business, trying to find the next opportunity that will take her career to the next level.

After being on 90 day fiancé season 7, happily ever after season 6 and the single life season 2, the Ukranian native promised her fans that starting July 2022, she will be active on her YouTube channel by uploading videos every week about her cooking show that she will be filming and hosting with her friend Vera nova, with some guests appearing from time to time on some of the episodes. By doing this, she's hoping that TLC will give the green light and fund a cooking show exclusively just about her. She already uploaded 3 episodes of her YouTube channel and there will be more to come.

Some of the comments on her cooking YouTube videos were very supportive and implied that the viewers wanted to see more of her Ukranian recipes. However, several other comments were trolling and calling the show cringy and awkward because of Natalie weird behavior when she is being filmed. There is a big chance that Natalie will be in the single life season 3, meanwhile, she's trying to work on other gigs, and enjoying her new life in the United States, after she managed to secure her green card as a refugee due to the current war that is going on in her home country.