90 Day Fiancé: Did Thais tell her father that she's pregnant?(Update)

  Thais and Patrick had been introduced during season 9 of the TLC reality hit show 90 day fiancé, together along with other couples, they were looking to make their relation work and were hoping that they will end up being married before the end of the 90 days. However, the couple had so much drama the moment Thais came to the USA on the K-1 Visa. Patrick is living with his alcoholic party lover brother John, which his fiancé didn't appreciate, she will be married soon and she wanted the house to be fully under her control even if she didn't contribute a single penny to help the brothers buying that house.

It all started when Patrick met Thaís when he was on a vacation in Brazil to reconnect with his retired dad. While he was looking for a hookup on a dating app, the 32-year-old weightlifter didn't believe himself when he matched with a bombshell model named Thaís. He was expecting to be catfished, but all went well for him and the Brazilian was actually a girl and was using her real pictures on the dating platform. When the matching happened, Patrick said back then: “I was kinda like, ‘man, I hope this girl’s real. like, please be real".
After they met, they immediately hit it off and after his trip was over, Patrick went back 13 times more to Brazil in order to visit Thaís. It wasn’t long before he proposed to her, and they decided to apply for the K1 visa and live together in the USA because that's where Patrick business is operating.

The young couple enjoyed a sentimental reunion at the airport, but it hasn’t all been sunshine and roses for the 2 in their new life in Texas. In episode ten, Thaís confronted Patrick about his secrecy over his finances, complaining that as his future wife, she should know exactly how much money he makes, to which her fiancé took offense, declaring that until she was legally his wife, she did not have any right to ask such questions.
Beside this, there were other issues as well, with Thaís feeling hurt about the lack of communication between her and Patrick regarding their new house, and Patrick buying her a new phone and asking her to stop tracking his location, something which has been a causing too much stress between the two. 

To make things worse, Thais didn't tell her father that she will get married to Patrick and that she's moving to the USA permanently. Her father is overprotective and he wants what's best for his daughter, but also he worries that Patrick is just another American sex tourist, who flies to third world countries to have sex with local women and later ghost them and move to his next victim. Based on what we saw in 90 day fiancé season 9, He's expecting his daughter to come back home after a couple of months. Lately, Thais shared an Instagram story and reel in which she looks pregnant in her 3rd or 4th month, the baby bump is clearly there so her pregnancy is confirmed. Also, some of the fans in New York, mentioned that the tell all was being filmed there and they saw Thais outside with Patrick and she was without a doubt pregnant.

Now we all know that her father is a simple man, and for sure he doesn't use Facebook and Instagram that much if not at all, to follow and see his daughter social media posts. But we assume that after Thais and Patrick got married, definitely she told her father about it and obviously she wouldn't dare to hide her pregnancy from him because any father will be happy to hear the good news about him becoming a granddaddy.