90 Day Fiancé: Bilal exposed for lying about his past and exaggerating his wealth

 90 Day Fiancé's Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween are both devoted Muslims. From the surface, everything is looking perfect, the couple appears to be a good fit for each other, but things aren't always what they seem.

Bilal is a good looking, successful Muslim luxury realtor from Kansas City, Missouri, who claimed that he has built his fortune via genuine real estate investing. He also calls himself a hood boujee, stating that he is a self-made millionaire who grew up in the hood, raised by poor parents, who are Jabir and Halalah Hazziez. And now, he's living his best life driving nice a car, dressing Gucci and Louis Vuitton suits and flexing his wealth and luxury lifestyle on Instagram.

As a high value man sharing his lifestyle on Instagram, that can attract the wrong type of people to him, like scammers and gold diggers, and here comes Shaheeda. A beautiful 38 years old Muslim Yoga teacher from Trinidad and Tobago, who spent her all life looking for a good wealthy husband who can help her live a comfortable life and with who she will have and raise their future babies.

But nothing was going as planned for the Yoga instructor, it seems like Bilal is being so cautious, he worries that she's just with him for his money, given that she was the one who made the first move and sent him a DM on Instagram to get to know him, which ended with them being engaged. Beside that, he still has scars from his first marriage and he wants to protect his assets in case his next marriage won't work out. So without Shaheeda signing up that 10 pages prenup that he prepared with his lawyer, there will be no marriage. Also, he already has two kids and not planning to have more, and let's not forget that the ex wife is still in the picture, and support the prenup idea to protect the future of her kids.

Some of the viewers of the 90 day fiancé franchise are always ready for fact checking any of the cast members who join the show, and they did some digging on Bilal, and found out that his parents were not really poor, but they were middle class or even Upper-middle class at some point. His Father Jabir Hazziez is the owner of the Principle Intelligence, LLC, a licensed security and investigation firm that specializes in Special Event Security, Investigations, Secured Transportation, and Personal Protection. While his mom, Halalah Hazziez, She may have written a book entitled "Do You Have the Sense God Gave a Goose?"You can find it at amazon.com. She does have some type college degree and also got her PHD, but appears to have worked with her husband in the Protection Agency. Mr. Hazzier had a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, but extensive training in protection elsewhere, including the military.

Bilal net worth is estimated to be 10 millions dollars, but nothing is proved yet. It's just based on the house that he's currently living in, plus the flipped homes that his real estate business is listing for sale. His business not only help people to sell their houses for a commission, but also flip houses and make good profits while doing it.

The viewers also speculate that his c class Mercedes car and house that he's currently living in with his fiancé are both rental for a long term and are not actually his and also that he kept his parents' home in a bad condition for a sentimental value, just to keep in touch with the neighborhood in which he was born and raised. Shaheeda in the other hand, can survive on her own in case of a divorce, she's a sophisticated Yoga instructor with years of experience, and she speaks English very well, so being on her own in the United States won't be an issue, and even if she goes back to Trinidad, her family will welcome her with open arms.