90 Day Fiancé: How old is Emily and Kobe's second baby by now? is it a girl or a boy?

 Season nine of 90 day fiancé continues to be full of surprises. It's miles questionable if some of these couples will make it. As of now, some have already tied the knot secretly. One duo nobody is quite sure will continue to be together is Kobe and Emily. We saw these two arguing all the times in every episode they've been in, but now it seems like they will have a lot to reveal in the next tell all.

It was love at the first sight when Emily met Kobe in China, where he was working as an underwear model while she was doing a gig as an English teacher. They had so much fun together, everything was nice and dandy like in the honeymoon phase. And then, things went too fast, Emily got pregnant, and Kobe proposed to her before each of them fly back to own country, and they decided to apply for the K1 visa for Kobe to move to the USA to be with her and their son. 

Unluckily, the pandemic happened and Kobe visa got delayed which made him miss the birth of his son Koban. Eventually, and after waiting seventeen months, he finally got his visa and was able to fly to Salina, Kansas, where he was in tears after seeing and holding his son for the first time. The Cameroonian joy didn't last, since the start at the airport, he noticed that Emily has gained a lot of weight, she was no longer the fit and energetic girl that he met in China. Also, he was being criticized left and right by her and couldn't have a quality peaceful time with his own son without her nagging him about how he's supposed to care for their baby Koban, it was either her way or the highway.

Things just have not been the same with the toddler around, even sleeping in bed with his fiancé was difficult, she ended up asking him to leave the room and sleep alone in the next room, which made him feel uncomfortable and unappreciated. Emily has changed into a breastfeeding controlling monster, whose only care is her son and nothing else matters. 

Despite the entire drama and Emily’s dad and her mom warning her to not get pregnant again, apparently the worst has happened and she ended up pregnant again anyways. The dad was annoyed with being the sole main provider for the family and didn't appreciate how his daughter and her fiancé who won't be able to work for at least 6 to 9 months are financially dependent on him, plus his first grandchild and soon second.

A fan on Reddit said: "Kobe and Emily appear to still be living with her parents. Emily will keep pushing out babies to have an excuse not to get a job." sources say that they already welcomed  a baby girl, and she was with them during the Tell-All. The info, which appeared on Reddit estimated that the baby was around three to four months old.