90 Day Fiancé: is Miona an entitled Gen Z ?

 Jibri is facing some major pressure in regards to getting wedded to Miona. From the trailer of this week new episode, Jibri admits to his parents that he is basically having to marry Miona in 90 days, so that she can stay in The United States with him as he's against the idea of her having to go back to Serbia, her home country because he loves her and he wants her to have opportunities that she can never dream of if she flies back home.

Since moving to Southern Dakota to be with him, Miona never really fit with Jibri's family, specifically, his mom as well as his best friend, Jesse. She wants to leave South Dakota and move to Los Angeles at some point because she loves the Kardashian life style and she will not settle for less. Though Jibri has told her they need to cut their losses at first and save up some money by residing with his parents before they can make the move. 

Her list of demands doesn't end here, despite coming to the USA without any money or savings what so ever on a 90 day fiancé visa sponsored by Jibri's parent's, the Serbian makeup artist is also expecting a beach wedding with guests, a lavish wedding dress and for Jibri to focus on her and not on his music career, which is his only hope to make serious money if he and his band ever made it, after a skilled music engineer decided to work with them and give them a chance.

Mahala, Jibri's mom, asked her son about what will happen if they decide not to get married, Jabri answered that Miona said in the park that she would leave his ass and won't wait for him until he get's his life together. And this was the straw that broke the camel's back, Mahala never liked her anyways and now she's more sure that ever that Miona is not the right girl for her son, so she told her that pressuring someone to do something they don't want to do is unhealthy for a relationship, which made Miona asks Jibri if he feels pressured to marry her. 

Many of the viewers think that Miona is delusional and entitled, broke people should not go for wedding dress shopping, planning for a beach wedding or even bother thinking about moving to LA which is one of the most expensive cities in the United States. Even Jibri at this point, calls her an entitled millennial, which is funny because Miona is 24 years old and was born on June 18, 1998 — so she's a member of Gen Z, not a millennial. Jibri was 28 when the show was filmed, so he is in fact a millennial and not her.

Will this couple make it? Probably yes, they always do at first, but later, after a year or more things start to change, they get a reality check and they discover that marriage is not that easy as being on a vacation. At the end, many of the 90 day fiancé couples end up divorcing. The American spouses must financially support their foreigners wives and husbands whom they brought to the country and who mostly decide to stay in the USA for a better life instead of going to their home countries.