90 Day Fiancé: Every plastic surgery Ariela had since joining the show

 Ariela had some work done since she joined the 90 day fiancé franchise, and every new season she's been in, the viewers noticed something was different about her, mostly about how her Face which kept looking slightly different in every new appearance of her.

Upon recent episodes of 90 Day Fiancé season nine, Ariela Weinberg showed a unique glam look for her husband Biniyam Shibre during his first MIXED MARTIAL ARTS fight, and the fans were split on whether she appeared amazing or cringey because of the way she dressed and the way she looked after she got a couple of facial injections. Ariela and Biniyam first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: the other Way season 2, when Ariela relocated to Ethiopia from the United States to be with Bini while she was pregnant with their child. The couple got engaged and made welcome to their son Aviel, all while Ariela struggled to adapt to the life in Ethiopia. Later, we saw them return in the other way season 3, where the couple faced some issues when Ariela was forced to leave Biniyam in Ethiopia and return to the United States so that their son Aviel could have hernia surgery.

On the newest 90 Day Fiancé season, Ariela and Biniyam relocated together to the United States, as Biniyam's K-1 visa lastly got approved. Her parents helped them settle down, by renting them a nice apartment and lending them some cash to get by. As soon as Biniyam arrived, he wasted no time trying to adapt to the American life, instead he spent all his time training in the gym with his coach and female MMA partner. Ariela was so jealous and didn't appreciate the fact that he hid from her that he was training with a woman in the gym. Nonetheless, Ariela plus her mom Janice both attended Biniyam's first MMA fight, to show their love and support and Bini ended up winning his first fight, even if a lot of the viewers questioned the integrity of his opponent, and accused him of being a jobber who's just there to lose to Bini and earn a quick buck.

An experienced plastic surgeon on Reddit, fan of the show, has been looking closely to Ari trying to understand the sudden changes of her appearance. And his conclusion was that she had plenty of work done. He said that the Jewish reality star had blepharoplasty, which is surgery that removes excess skin from the eyelids and wide nose rhinoplasty to make her nose thinner. Also she had some Botox and lip filler, nasolabial fold filler, buccal fat removal and finally and so recently she had a sculptra butt lift which she admitted publicly by posting a video on Instagram of her getting it in an aesthetic clinic.

Ariela has a history of working hard on her appearance, with the 90 Day Fiancé superstar admitting to acquiring Botox and lip fillers to help reduce under-eye sectors and make her face more smiley. She also said that she had a condition and she needed a couple of Botox shots for her chin to fix that. Almost all of the women in the franchise had some work done at some point, some more than others, so it's no surprise that Ariela is following the trend.