90 Day Fiancé: 5 Reasons why you don't like Natalie Mordovtseva

 Natalie Mordovtseva from 90 Day Fiancé regularly surprised the viewers with her direct demeanor and unpredictable behavior. Most of the times, she is just a direct person and never think twice about what's coming out of her mouth, which end up with her hurting people around her. She's known for her ruthless honesty and impossibly high standards. During every show she's been in, she delivered some of the show's most legendary lines which made a lot of the viewers dislike her. 

Natalie is now blissfully single and was part of the cast members of 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life 2. Even if she's not their favorite, but the viewers are still looking forward to seeing more of Natalie's outspoken personality and snarky one-liners as she goes on a new adventure. Now here are 5 reasons of why Natalie has become one of the iconic villains of the franchise:

1-So bye! see you never:

Uncle Beau isn't Mike's only family member who gets a quick farewell from Natalie. Natalie thinks she's had enough of Mike's mother, Trish, and attempts to cut the visit short by leaving. During a Happily Ever After interview regarding the incident, she demonstrates to viewers that she hasn't changed her views about her ex-mother-in-law by saying at the end, "So bye! see you never."

2-Removing and tossing Mike's engagement ring in his travel bag:

Impossible to forget this moment when Natalie and mike got into a heated argument that resulted in Natalie asking Mike to pack his bags and fly back to his country after she tossed her engagement ring in his baggage.

3-It's Funny Because I'm Much Beautiful Than You:

After days of making Mike's life a living hell since she came to live with him in Sequim, Washington, and following her trash talking about his job, house, mom, uncle and everything about him. Natalie got furious because she never forgot how Mike spent the night at his friend Sarah's home, and she kept accusing him of cheating while saying that she's more beautiful than him and if there is someone who is most likely to cheat in this relation it should be her because she's the catch and he's the overweight redneck.

4-I'm Sorry, I Will Not Keep In Touch With You:

Natalie never liked anyone or anything apparently, since the start she's didn't want to live in Sequim in the middle or nowhere, she hated the trailer park house, and was uncomfortable with uncle Beau living with her and Mike. She felt unsafe and thought maybe this old and drunk man will harass her or something one day, even if he looks like a peaceful and nice uncle overall. So when it was time to leave Mike, uncle Beau was being nice and told her good luck, see you around, and the Ukrainian answered him in a cold blood saying that she doesn't want to come around or see him or Mike ever again.

5- Expecting Mike to file for her green card as a spouse, buy her a car and keep supporting her until she finds a new man:

It was a shocker during the single life season 2 tell all, when Mike told Natalie that he didn't file for her green card as a spouse and instead he will be filing for a divorce. She was expecting Mike to keep financially sponsoring her, while she's moving all around Florida trying to find a new man. She even had the audacity to ask him to buy her a car and didn't think a bit that her ex is totally done with her and it's time to be on her own and move on.