90 day fiancé: is Hamza in USA already?

 Rumors started by drama news platforms have suggested that 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days stars Memphis and Hamza have split. Even though we saw that they recently got married in a traditional Tunisian ceremony, but still, on the internet and on social media, there is no sign that the couple is still together, even in their personal Instagram accounts, they didn't post any picture of them together in the USA, considering that the show that we are watching now was filmed a year ago.

 The first indication that Hamza and Memphis aren't together anymore is that they stopped following each other on Instagram in February 2022. Something wrong could be happening between them, or it could be just what TLC ordered them to do to create a buzz about their relationship and to make everyone curious about what's really going on, which will lead a lot of the viewers to search online trying to find any recent news about the couple, because let's face it, we are addicted to the 90 day fiancé shows and we are hungry for any new gossips and news about our favorite cast members.

 Another clue is that during the last 2 months, Memphis was posting relationship quotes which suggest that she’s broken up with Hamza. In March, she posted a quote that says, “Never love a man so much that you ignore the truth about him.” And before that, she posted another Instagram story about how women should love themselves and work on themselves and be independent. Last month in general was harsh on the Michigan native, beside what ever is going on between her and Hamza, many of the viewers were bullying her online, even her own Instagram followers and fans. They were writing hurtful comments, judging her for having 3 kids from 3 different baby daddies, and questioning if Hamza is really the father of her third baby, or if she got knocked up 1 week before she flew to Hamza, while others were angry at her because she was drinking beers in the hotel with Hamza while she was pregnant.

 Never believe anything you see or read online and here is why, all this time, people were saying Memphis and Hamza were no longer together and that he will never join Memphis in the United States, well guess what, all of the rumors were wrong and Hamza has finally made it to the US and currently living with his wife. Which is so great for the newly wed couple, who recently had a new baby boy together. A recent teaser released by TLC about before the 90 days tell all part 1, showed Hamza and Memphis sitting together in the studio, smiling and laughing, which confirms that Hamza is no longer in Tunisia and that he got his spousal visa.

 The tell all of this season will be full of crazy announcements and surprises, starting with Jasmine who's now an onlyfans model and who will be discussing her intimacy issues with Gino, Later we have Ben, who's still delusional about his relation with Mahogany, and Mike Berk who still have a feeling of resentment after Ximena breaking up with him.